TRANSPLEX: How Can We Overcome Opposition to Transit at the Local Level?

APA Florida, Capital Area Section


Thursday, October 6, 2011
2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

Orlando, FL, United States

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With concerns about government balanced budgets and public spending of all kinds, how has public opinion about investing in transit evolved in Florida over the last couple of years? Beth Alden with the Hillsborough MPO will facilitate a discussion of recent public participation experiences, and strategies for interacting with financially stressed constituents. She will also share insights from Hillsborough's March 2011 market research that followed up on a failed 2010 referendum on a sales tax for transit and roads. This Brainstorming Forum will focus on: Have you observed shifts in public opinion about investing in public transit in your area? Where have you observed it - comments at public meetings, outcomes of local elections, new or reorganized citizen groups, opinion surveys? Has this had an effect on local decision making? In terms of making cost-effective transit service available to the traveling public, do you see negative effects? Do you see positive effects? Are the changes you have observed limited to the provision of public transit? What other local or state government services are being publicly debated and questioned in your area? Are there any lessons we can learn from these debates? Based on these observations, what advice would you have, for the near term (1-2 years), for agencies operating public transit in Florida? For agencies preparing plans or grants for public transit in Florida? Through this interactive session, attendees will gain a better understanding of the challenges facing transit agencies, share personal insights and explore potential responses by the transportation agencies to address those challenges. This webinar would be useful to any planner that deals with citizen participation or transit planning.

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Beth Alden

Confirmed Speaker

Ms. Beth Alden, AICP, is Group Leader for the Transportation Planning & Programs Team that prepares plans and studies of public transit, bicycling, pedestrian systems, livable roads, and transportation disadvantaged services, and conducts multi-modal planning in sub areas and corridors. Team members prepare the related components of the Long Range Transportation ... Read More