Riders for Better Transit Summit: Building a 21st Century Transit System

Active Transportation Alliance


Monday, February 25, 2013
9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. CST

Chicago, IL, United States

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The Riders for Better Transit Summit: Building a 21st Century Transit System brings together 11 civic and public sector experts in transportation and planning to help answer tough questions about the challenges of providing a world-class transit system in the Chicago region. The speakers will provide in-depth information on transportation funding and governance, including outlining the existing structures of public transportation agencies, problems and barriers they face in providing and improving public transit and possible solutions to funding shortfalls. 1. Planners with at least two years of experience will benefit from this event by better understanding the structure of transit agencies they work for or with frequently. This event provides a deeper understanding of the governance of these agencies and presents proposed changes to their structure that local planners should be aware of. Changes affecting service including proposals to merge agencies, reallocate funding or reorganize governmental structure will be discussed. This event also discusses new strategies for funding large scale public transportation projects. Innovative strategies presented here may provide possible solutions to funding problems encountered as barriers to plan implementation. As speakers discuss a vision for the future of public transportation, planners gain insight about goals of expanded service in the Chicago region. 2. The Riders for Better Transit Summit meets the transportation planning objective-specifically addressing public transportation. This summit will outline a vision for a world class transit system in Chicago and the path towards making transit a feasible and attractive option for all in the Chicago region. Some of the speakers may present plans for extending or increasing existing service, as well as how new investments in transit could revitalize transportation in Chicago. This summit also meets the economic development planning objective by outlining how to connect innovative funding techniques and transit planning. Our panelists will present case studies of funding and economic development initiatives that are working in cities across the US and explain how they may be incorporated into projects in the Chicago region. Funding ideas presented at this conference will go hand in hand with transit planning such as value capture and land use planning. 3. Training objectives for this event include 1) outlining the existing barriers to improving public transit in the Chicagoland region 2) offering new solutions planners may advocate for regarding transit governance and 3) presenting innovative ways to finance public transportation projects. Planners attending this event can expect to come away with a better understanding of the agencies responsible for implementing transit plans and the barriers they face as well as innovative ideas for funding public transportation projects that they can take to their clients, employers, municipalities etc.

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John Gates

Confirmed Speaker

Mr. Gates (58) is Chairman of the Board of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), which oversees all rail, bus, subway, elevated and other forms of public transit in the six county metropolitan Chicago Region. RTA owns, controls funding and integrates the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra (Commuter Rail) and Pace ... Read More

Kevin DeGood

Confirmed Speaker

Kevin DeGood is the Deputy Policy Director for Transportation for America where he conducts research, provides legislative analysis, and advances T4 campaign priorities with congressional leaders. Kevin authored Thinking Outside the Farebox: Creative Approaches to Financing Transit Projects and Why the Expansion of the TIFIA Program Matters in the Planning ... Read More

Frank Beal

Confirmed Speaker

Frank Beal, executive director of Metropolis Strategies previously served as president of Ryerson International Inc., an operating unit of the former Inland Steel Industries. He worked in many other capacities at Inland Steel for two decades, including president and CEO of Ryerson/West. Prior to joining Inland Steel, he served ... Read More

Scott Bernstein

Confirmed Speaker

Scott Bernstein is President of CNT, which promotes sustainable communities by helping local leaders to better use their hidden assets; CNT received the MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative & Effective Organizations; President Clinton appointed Scott to the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, where he co-chaired its task forces on Metropolitan Sustainable ... Read More

Carol Coletta

Confirmed Speaker

Carol Coletta specializes in developing cities and creative communities. She is leading ArtPlace, a new national initiative to accelerate creative placemaking across the U.S. ArtPlace is a collaboration of the nation’s top foundations, leading banks, federal agencies and the National Endowment for the Arts. Prior to joining ArtPlace ... Read More

Dan Cronin

Confirmed Speaker

Since taking office in December of 2010, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin has made it his mission to reduce the size and scope of local government in an effort to make it more accountable, more efficient and more transparent for taxpayers. Chairman Cronin has successfully cut the County budget ... Read More

Jacky Grimshaw

Confirmed Speaker

Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President of Policy Jacky joined CNT in 1992 and has since developed its capacity to engage in public policy advocacy, transportation research, public participation tool development, GIS mapping, and community economic development. Jacky created and has led CNT’s transportation and air quality programs and has led ... Read More

Peter Skosey

Confirmed Speaker

Peter joined MPC as urban development director in 1996. For the past 16 years, he has played a lead role in expanding MPC’s capacity to produce quality research, develop sound policies, and advocate for sensible development in Chicagoland. He was promoted to Vice President of External Relations in 1999 ... Read More

Randall Blankenhorn

Confirmed Speaker

Randy Blankenhorn is executive director of CMAP, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (www.cmap.illinois.gov). Under his leadership, CMAP developed and is now guiding the implementation of GO TO 2040, metropolitan Chicago’s first comprehensive regional plan in more than 100 years. The plan’s four themes -- Livable ... Read More

Stephen Schlickman

Confirmed Speaker

Steve Schlickman has over 34 years of transportation experience beginning as a bus driver in 1975 to becoming the Executive Director of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in 2005, a post he left in the fall 2010 to become the Executive Director of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s ... Read More