An Author's Book Review - Benjamin Ross

APA Florida Chapter, First Coast Section


Wednesday, April 16, 2014
5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. EDT

Jacksonville, FL, United States

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Mr. Ross will be speaking on his new book, Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism. The focus of his chat, like his new book, will be sprawl. This event will include a lecture by the author as well as question and answer period. As an activist and a scholar, Benjamin Ross is uniquely placed to diagnose the prevalence of sprawl across the country. 'Dead End traces how the ideal of a safe, green, orderly retreat where hardworking members of the middle class could raise their children away from the city mutated into the McMansion and strip mall-ridden suburbs of today. Ross finds that sprawl is much more than bad architecture and sloppy planning. Its roots are historical, sociological, and economic. He uses these insights to lay out a practical strategy for change, honed by his experience leading the largest grass-roots mass transit advocacy organization in the United States. The problems of smart growth, sustainability, transportation, and affordable housing, he argues, are intertwined and must be solved as a whole. The two keys to creating better places to live are expansion of rail transit and a more genuinely democratic oversight of land use.'