The Seattle Way: Effective Planning in an Era of Diminishing Budgets

APA California Chapter, San Diego Section


Thursday, June 26, 2014
7 a.m. - 9 a.m. PDT

San Diego, CA,

CM | 1.50

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Some cities just love planning! Can San Diego learn something from them? Last month we considered three transportation projects in San Diego, and this month we look to Seattle to find out what they are doing. Come listen to three professionals who represent the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle Regional Transit Agency (Sound Transit), and a Seattle non-profit organization (Transportation Choices Coalition). Find out how these three separate organizations work toward common ground, settle differences, and in general, move the ball forward, especially when there is no money available! In April, the progressive Seattle metro area voted down an increase in taxes to maintain the transit service. With 55 per cent of the vote, King County voters opposed increasing their sales tax by one-tenth of one per cent and increasing an annual auto registration fee by $60. 72 Metro Transit bus routes will be eliminated. How will this affect the transportation community in Seattle? Come listen and ask questions as we deal with very similar issues: congestion, greenhouse gasses, commuter ridership numbers, effects on neighborhoods, business concerns, parking limitations, and safety.