OMS-MPO: MetroPlan Orlando Land Use Subcommittee

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section


Friday, August 22, 2014
1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. EDT

Orlando, FL, United States

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Orlando Metro Section APA FL is coordinating with MetroPlan Orlando to bring landuse training to local transportation planning authority members and planners throughout Central Florida through presentation of key topics at the MPO’s Land Use Subcomittee’s regular meetings. Our session in August will focus on four land uses topics as outlined below. 1. Orange County: Planning within defined Market Areas. Orange County is a diverse county, with a range of physical, social and economic characteristics. A Market Area is a geographic and planning framework that Orange County can use to organize this diversity, creating a consistent reference for calibrated responses to the factors influencing Orange County's long term prosperity and sustainability. The presentation will introduce Market Areas and its potential planning applications. 2. Orange County: Multimodal Corridors Plan (Phase 1) The Multimodal Corridor Plan addresses Orange County's multimodal transportation system relative to its safety, livability, technology, economy, and amenity functions and needs. The presentation will provide an overview of Phase I's analysis and recommendations on policy and design issues, including pedestrian safety and Complete Streets, and look ahead to Phase II, which will develop a conceptual multimodal 2040 network for Orange County in the context of the MPO's 2040 LRTP and projected funding. 3. City of Kissimmee – Multimodal transportation projects. Brief overview of the projects that are currently in design and/or construction as well as in the near term planning phases within the City of Kissimmee. Planners will discuss the benefits of coordinating multimodal pedestrian and bicycle improvements to serve existing and future land uses as they explore and discuss four key transportation improvement projects in Kissimmee /Osceola County. Toho-Valencia Trail – Phase I & II - Off Street Mixed-use Path connecting Oak Street and Vine St/192 behind the Mill Creek Mall. The trail will provide users integrated access to/from Valencia College and the downtown Kissimmee core including SunRail, Intermodal Station, LYNX Superstop, Lakefront Park and City/County facilities. Central Avenue - Design and construct a 1.50 mile bicycle/pedestrian pathway as part of Kissimmee’s city-wide bicycle/pedestrian plan and the final link to the 7-mile Kissimmee Trail Loop. John Young Parkway Pedestrian Bridge – Bicycle and Pedestrian bridge structure which includes a 220 foot main span bridge with approach ramps to tie into the existing trail on the west and east sides of John Young Parkway and is an integral component of the Kissimmee Trail Loop system. Downtown Kissimmee Phase II Streetscape – This streetscape project will be a continuation of the existing downtown streetscape which was completed in February 2009 that includes Lakeshore Boulevard, Ruby Avenue, Monument Avenue, and Dakin Avenue and will provide the missing link and necessary improvements to Broadway Street and the adjacent streets. Shingle Creek Regional Trail - A regional multi-use trail system spanning four Central Florida jurisdictions including the City of Kissimmee, Osceola County, Orange County and the City of Orlando – all containing unique portions of the trail. 4. City of Orlando – Placemaking Matters: A Multifamily Guide. Orlando has experienced rapid growth in multifamily development. The most common multifamily project is 200 or more units with surface parking and a single access point. Such projects limit opportunities for neighborhood-level connectivity and create homes that are isolated from other uses. In an attempt to address these issues, the City of Orlando prepared design guidelines to promote walkability, connectivity and positive urban design Attendees will learn from the experiences gained through these local projects and be able to apply the planning tools within their own communities.

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