OMS-Annual Meeting: Healthy Community Design and Inner-City Revitalization-The Parramore Experience

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section


Tuesday, August 26, 2014
5 p.m. - 7 p.m. EDT

Orlando, FL, United States

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OMS-Annual Meeting: Healthy Community Design and Inner-City Revitalization-The Parramore Experience Downtown Orlando will soon feature a new Major League Soccer stadium, a new performing arts center, a high tech mixed use “Creative Village”, an expansion of the free BRT service, and SunRail commuter rail service. Many of these projects occur within the Parramore area, a blighted community with a median household income of $15,000. Intended to balance the preservation of cultural heritage with the need for economic development, the Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan uses Healthy Community Design principles to revitalize the community and address long standing issues, such as chronic diseases, homelessness, crime, low educational achievement, and residential displacement. Planning for public health and Healthy Community Design are innovative approaches that are needed to create truly sustainable communities. Healthy Community Design makes it easier for people to live healthy lifestyles by providing access to nutritious food, convenient mobility choices, safe places for physical activity, health care, a variety of housing choices, and educational resources. Healthy Community Design also integrates social interaction, safety and community engagement into physical design. The session will explore the technical details of healthy community indicators and the data that was reviewed in order to evaluate the plan alternatives. It will provide an excellent learning opportunity for planners who have “drank the Kool-Aid” but have little experience with actual healthy community design planning. The session will also discuss community engagement strategies utilized to reach a hard-to-reach population, as well as specific facilitation techniques used during the series of community forums. The Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan is an excellent case study that demonstrates the integration of healthy community design, placemaking, and the economic and housing analyses needed to move a redevelopment plan to reality. Our panel of experts will educate and entertain you on how we accomplished these components while building trust with a disadvantaged and highly skeptical community.

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