Breaking Through Barriers

Ace Basin NERR


Wednesday, January 14, 2015
10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST

Charleston, SC, United States

CM | 4.50

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Foreign languages. Cultural differences and isolation. Low education levels. More often than not, you will encounter these barriers when working in the very communities that are most at risk of catastrophic weather and environmental hazards. And you will also encounter these barriers when reaching out to those who catch the fish, cut the trees, dig the mines, drill the wells, and drive the bulldozers.The Breaking Through Barriers series provides big concepts and practical tips to help you reach out to "underserved" audiences from all walks of life. Part 1. More Than A Message (condensed). You will learn to distinguish successful and unsuccessful communication efforts -- and how to draw up the best plan possible for the resources you have available to you. Part 2. Culturally Sensitive and Targeted Outreach. If they don't read the paper, visit your website, or come to a public meeting, how can you reach them? In this session, we'll review some of your options for finding and delivering a message to underserved communities. Part 3. Messages that Connect. You’ve delivered your message. Can they understand it? In this session, we’ll explore the concepts of “readability” -- the art and science of writing for audiences that don’t read well. And then we’ll review your options for translating English language materials into foreign languages.

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