Mobility Fees: A Catalyst for Placemaking

APA Florida Chapter, Broward Section


Tuesday, April 28, 2015
7 a.m. - 8 a.m. CDT

Webinar, FL, United States

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All comprehensive plans are required to include multimodal strategies, and many communities are embracing the idea of Complete Streets to create a more pedestrian-friendly and safe environment. What if you are a built out community, or just want to encourage a certain type of development and don’t just want to build more roads or expand existing facilities? A mobility fee and plan can be an excellent tool to encourage the type and location of desired development, create streets that can be safely shared by users of all modes of transportation… and can help pay for it as well. Many communities are not aware of how the legislative changes related to transportation concurrency affect them, or how the tool promoted by the Florida Legislature (mobility fee) can be utilized to affect smart growth and build complete streets. This session is designed to teach about multimodal transportation planning and the linkages to the comprehensive plan and land development regulations, discuss the changes to Florida Statutes and their impact transportation planning, and show how to use this tool to encourage the type and location of desired development. We will explore transportation planning, including internal trip capture and trip generation rates and how they can be utilized to create incentives for desirable development.

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