OMS-MPO: MetroPlan Orlando Regional Land Use Forum

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section


Friday, April 24, 2015
1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EDT

Orlando, FL, United States

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OMS-MPO: MetroPlan Orlando Regional Land Use Forum Orlando Metro Section APA FL is coordinating with MetroPlan Orlando to bring landuse training to local transportation planning authority members and planners throughout Central Florida through presentation of key topics at the MPO’s Regional Land Use Forum regular meetings. Our session in April will focus on four land uses topics as outlined below. 1. City of Orlando: Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan: Healthy Community Design and Inner-City Revitalization Healthy Communities provide everything that a resident needs to make daily healthy lifestyle choices easy. A Healthy Community represents not only the physical environment, but also the educational resources, employment, housing, infrastructure, and social and environmental stewardship needed for a complete and sustainable community. This presentation will highlight the Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan and its Healthy Community Design revitalization strategies. The Parramore Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan balances the economic growth with the needs of a disadvantaged community through Healthy Community Design principles that address chronic diseases, homelessness, crime, and residential displacement. 2. State Road 50 Health Impact Assessment The connection between transportation and health is indisputable. Transportation systems, no matter the mode, can have a positive or negative impact on the health of our communities and residents. MetroPlan Orlando, in partnership with the Winter Park Health Foundation and the University of Central Florida, is conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on the proposed S.R. 50 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, the first transportation HIA in the region. The goal of the study is to better understand the impact the S.R. 50 BRT on the overall health of the communities. The presentation will focus on the selected health indicators that can demonstrate the impact of the transit project on community health, the potential land use changes needed to encourage transit oriented development, and initial recommendations for optimizing the health benefits of premium transit investments along this corridor. 3. Osceola County: North Ranch Sector Plan Long-Term Master Plan Osceola County is preparing a Long-Term Master Plan, the first of two components of a Sector Plan, for roughly 130,000 acres of the Deseret Ranch within Osceola County known as the North Ranch Planning Area. As growth unfolds in coming decades, a balanced master plan for Deseret’s North Ranch will ensure a sustainable future while continuing a legacy of agricultural and natural resource conservation. This proposed long-term master plan is intended to proactively plan for and preserve regionally significant economic opportunities, natural resources, and transportation corridors at a landscape scale. The Plan is in response to the growing needs of Osceola County and the region to plan for an economically sustainable future predicated on thoughtful and strategic regional initiatives. The plan tiers off of the Comprehensive Plan and identifies goals, policies, frameworks, and opportunities within the North Ranch Planning Area, taking into consideration environmental factors, market conditions, surrounding land uses, transportation and available infrastructure. 4. Multimodal Accessibility Tool Renaissance Planning Group has been making rapid progress in the development and application of a multimodal accessibility tool as a new platform for coordinated transportation and land use planning. They recently led NCHRP project 08-78 (NCHRP Report 770 - August 2014), which created new tools for estimating demand for pedestrian and bicycle travel, being asked to specifically connect the dots between the built environment, the supporting transportation network, and travel behavior. One of the tools makes special use of GIS data and processing to create fine-grained measures of modal accessibility (to jobs, opportunities), s

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