ULI Series Here We Grow Again, Part 4 - Charlotte County

APA Florida Chapter, Promised Lands Section


Friday, May 15, 2015
7:45 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT

Fort Myers, FL, United States

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The good news – the economy is growing and population is on the rise. The unknown – is Southwest Florida properly positioned to accommodate the next wave of growth? Join ULI Southwest Florida FGCU and the Promised Lands APA Florida Chapter in a four-part series as we evaluate the direction the region is moving to prepare for the increase in population. Each session will examine the current development patterns and how each county is positioning itself to accommodate the expected growth while maintaining a quality of life and protecting valuable resources. We invite you to participate in this in-depth review of land use issues that affect the future of our region and the balance we strive to achieve between agricultural, environmental, and economic development needs. The five-county SW Florida region has been growing for three decades. The region will face tremendous growth for the next five decades. Currently 1.3 million call SW Florida home. This series will explore where this growth will take place from today forward. Session 4 is an overview of Charlotte County Florida. Participants will hear from expert private sector planners, county planners, marketing experts, real estate experts and others. A majority of the content will be related to Charlotte County planning, land use, the natural environment, economic development and transportation related issues. There will be a formal presentation, discussion, and opportunities for questions, answers.

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