2015 Legislative Wrap-Up

APA Florida Chapter, Promised Lands Section


Thursday, June 25, 2015
7:45 a.m. - 11 a.m. EDT

Naples, FL, United States

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Each year, the Florida Legislature's 60-day Session passes many bills affecting our comprehensive planning process, real estate-based insurance, funding for infrastructure, and many other issues related to our business climate. However, this year's session ended without a new state budget and number of other issues unresolved. Legislators agreed on a special 20-day session scheduled to conclude on June 20. This event lets people in the real estate market to hear from Southwest Florida's own elected legislators after the special session and to learn more about what bills have passed and how it will impact their business in the upcoming year. Hear from Southwest Florida's own elected legislators, as well as knowledgeable followers of the annual process. Don't miss learning about what will impact your business in the coming year. Moderated by the lobbyist for APA Florida, this session features land use lawyers, planners, and local legislators as they discuss the 2015 Florida legislative session ending in late June. This is a joint event between APA Florida and the SW Florida chapter of the Urban Land Institute. This event will feature a panel of speakers providing an overview of legislative changes impacting growth management and land use planning. State Legislators will discuss their role in the session and provide an insider's perspective on this year's session and the bils that succeeded and failed. A panel of legal and planning professionals will dissect approved bills and their impact on the planning industry. Topics will include environmental protection, concurrency, water quality, and economic development. The content will be related to proposed changes to state planning law, land use law, environmental law, and and public participation. There will be a formal presentations, discussion, and opportunities for questions and answers. The educational objective will be appropriate for AICP members as they learn new developments and the basic structure of land use law, the state legislature, state and regional planning. The speakers will draw on professional experience in land use planning and land use law in SW Florida. The content will not be basic in nature, but will be an in depth discussion about critical matters to planners and other professionals, including land use attorneys, civil engineers, and citizens interested in land use issues.

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