Citizen Engagement: All of the Fun, Less of the Pain

APA California, Central Section


Saturday, August 22, 2015
9:30 a.m. - noon PDT

Fresno, CA,

CM | 2.50
L | 1

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As planners know only too well, citizen engagement processes are often poorly attended, contentious, or both. Planners face apathy, or hostility and suspicion, from residents who have poor understanding of the purposes of planning, or of its challenges for staff. Building on their own experiences, and on models from other public planning processes, the attendees will learn ways to make real opportunities of the public participation obligations often imposed by grant funders, statute or ordinance. They will gain skills and confidence in meeting AICP’s ethical mandate to “give people the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the development of plans and programs that may affect them.” For two decades, Paul’s workshop participants have enjoyed learning from his highly interactive sessions, delivered with a healthy dose of humor. Please join us as we discuss how planners can better address the legal mandates, and ethical responsibilities, of citizen engagement.