Southeast Florida FSUTMS Users Group Meeting Using Existing, Survey, and Model Data for Multimodal Analysis

APA Florida Chapter, Broward Section


Friday, September 18, 2015
9 a.m. - noon EDT

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

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The purpose of the September 18 FSUTMS Users Group Meeting is to provide transportation planners and model users an opportunity to share their experiences in using the existing data, survey data, and SERPM 7.0 model output data for multimodal transportation analysis. The meeting features three (3) presentations: The first presentation is titled “Broward County Transit (BCT) Scenario Planning Application”, and It will be given by Mr. Ashutosh Kumar of AECOM. Using the recently collected corridor-focused surveys and other available data sources, applications were developed to assist BCT (and other transit agencies in the region) in route planning based on observed data. The presentation will showcase the tools and their applicability to the transit agencies. The second presentation is titled “A Stated Preference Approach to Examining the Value of Travel Time and Reliability for Freight Transportation in Florida”, and will be presented by Ms. Xia Jin of Florida International University. This presentation introduces a Stated Preference (SP) Survey approach to investigate the underlying process in freight transportation decision-making, and to provide some insights on how the freight system users value travel time and reliability in their transportation choices. The proposed framework may shed some light on the strategies and methods in developing SP surveys targeting the freight industry, which may provide some useful information for researchers and practitioners interested in conducting similar studies. The third presentation is titled “Projected 2040 Mobility Performance Measures for Broward and Palm Beach Counties”, and will be covered Zachary Clark of Kittelson & Associates. The presentation will cover how SERPM 7.0 inputs were used in conjunction with calculation methodologies used in the FDOT Central Office Sourcebook. It will also cover the challenges and opportunities of calculating performance measures from a model network at a county-wide level. By attending the workshop, participants will learn new techniques and methodologies using existing data, survey data, and model data for multimodal planning and analysis.

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