OMS-Sanford: Accelerating Prosperity & Resiliency Using Smart Growth & LEED Neighborhood Strategies (2)

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section


Wednesday, August 5, 2015
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EDT

Sanford, FL, United States

CM | 5.50

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OMS-Sanford: Accelerating Prosperity & Resiliency Using Smart Growth & LEED Neighborhood Strategies (2) The LEED for Neighborhood (ND) rating system combines the principles of smart growth, new urbanism social equity, and green construction into the nation’s first integrated system for certifying sustainable neighborhood development. This workshop focuses on the power of LEED-ND to accelerate green economic development. Research indicates that green neighborhoods produce more business opportunities, jobs, household savings, and fiscal benefits than conventional development. Jurisdictions that leverage LEED-ND to amplify its benefits will therefore garner a larger share of their region’s green economic dividend. The workshop reviews the ND rating system, highlight elements that interface with local regulations, and presents how cities and counties can leverage LEED-ND. First, participants learn about a GIS method for identifying properties that meet ND smart location criteria, including infill, adjacent, transit served, and walkable sites. Catalyzing ND projects on those lands is step two, including removal of code barriers, establishment of incentives, and leadership on public lands. Case studies of city and county incentives around the country are presented, including financial and technical assistance measures; and participants have an opportunity to rate their own local codes for ND-friendliness. The final leveraging step explores way in which land-use, transportation, and capital improvement plans can be strategically amended and funded over time to expand ND-eligible areas and improve ND scoring conditions in those areas. Using this technique, a local government can set realistic long-term goals for: a) The percent of the jurisdiction that will eventually achieve ND location eligibility; b) Creating infrastructure and transportation systems that equate to ND Silver, Gold, or Platinum criteria, and thereby count toward higher certification levels for projects served by those systems; c) The jobs, economic activity, and fiscal outcome that are possible with ND leveraging. A tool kit if resources for the leveraging process is distributed to participants, including the ND rating system annotated with local government interface points, and a planner’s guide and model ordinance for leveraging.

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