Reconnecting Lee

APA Florida Chapter, Promised Lands Section


Friday, January 29, 2016
noon - 1:30 p.m. EST

Fort Myers, FL, United States

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Reconnecting Lee, is a group that advocates for new urbanist concepts, including transit-oriented design for Lee County’s emerging urban core.


Imagine Lee County with 600,000 more people and our roads with that many more cars. Imagine the increase in taxes, impact fees, tolls and the cost of doing business just to pay to build and maintain all those roads.


Imagine the destruction that a vast array of new roads will cause to the natural environment, one of the main reasons that people choose to relocate their businesses and families here. Imagine a quality of life harmed each day by excess pollution and traffic congestion.


Each of us can play an active role in changing these outcomes into something much better—an attractive, enduring Lee County where people of all walks of life enjoy a comfortable sense of place.


Reconnecting Lee’s first program of 2016 will feature the Planning Manager for the City of Cape Coral – who will discuss planning challenges in a pre-platted community and how his department and City are facing those challenges.



 The program is specific for an audience of professional planners, civil engineers, developers, attorneys, community activists, neighboring governments, and other interested parties — specifically members of Reconnecting Lee.  There will be an AICP-certified expert speaker, presentation, and opportunities for group interaction and questions and answers. The presentation is non-promotional in nature. The educational objective will be appropriate for AICP members as they learn new developments in transportation, planning, and public policy. The speaker will draw on professional experience in land use planning and other fields. The content will not be basic in nature, but will be an in depth discussion about critical matters to the public, developers, planners, engineers, attorneys and other professionals.


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Vincent Cautero, AICP

Vince Cautero has served as the Community Development Director for City of Cape Coral, Florida since October 2013. He has over 33 years of experience in city and rural planning and served in planning management positions in both the public and private sectors. Most of his experience has been in ... Read More