Gentrification vs. Revitalization

APA California Chapter, San Diego Section


Friday, February 19, 2016
noon - 1:30 p.m. PST

San Diego, CA, United States

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As the San Diego region grows, many local public agencies have turned to smart growth and infill development that are helping to revitalize challenged neighborhoods. However, one of the effects of this revitalization has been gentrification, loosely defined as an urban demographic trend where increased property values results in the involuntary displacement of low-income/minority residents and small businesses. This trend has been seen in varying degrees in neighborhoods throughout the San Diego region from as far north as Eden Gardens in Solana Beach to the central San Diego neighborhoods of North Park and Barrio Logan.

How can we as planners, community leaders, and land use professionals revitalize and invest in these challenged neighborhoods without pricing the original residents and small businesses out? How can we balance the positive effects of revitalization (e.g., improved infrastructure, beautification)? Join the San Diego section of the APA to discuss these challenges and hear from local experts on specific planning policies designed to help solve these challenges. The panel will discuss innovative approaches, such as inclusionary housing, density bonuses, owner-occupancy ordinances, increasing supply, and public-private partnerships.

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