Sweetwater Wetlands Park Walking Tour

APA Florida, San Felasco Section


Saturday, March 5, 2016
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EST

Gainesville, FL, United States

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This will be a guided, two-hour walking tour of the City of Gainesville’s Sweetwater Wetlands Park.  This 125-acre nature park is part of the award-winning, Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Restoration Project that is a unique public utility project that provides stormwater treatment, water quality enhancement and aquifer protection, wetland enhancement & creation, and passive recreation amenities. This park is at the SE edge of the City, and is contiguous with Paynes Prairie State Preserve.  Sheetflow from the project enters the Floridan Aquifer, the State’s primary source of drinking water, at Alachua Sink, in Paynes Prairie State Preserve.

The tour will include various stops along the footpath (more than 3.5 miles of trail and boardwalk, with various covered overlooks) that traverses this unique nature park that also is a major green infrastructure project. In-depth explanations at each stop will be provided by two senior engineers (one of whom has managed this outstanding project from its 2009 inception through its completion in 2015) from the City’s public utility (Gainesville Regional Utilities) and by a park ranger from the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, which runs this Nature Park. 

The tour will be led by Alice Rankeillor, P.E, Rick Hutton, P.E., and Daniel Rohan, Park Ranger.

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