9th Annual Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium: Building Sustainability: Preservation, Reuse, & Green Construction

APA Connecticut Chapter


Thursday, April 14, 2016
9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. EDT

New Britain, CT, United States

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This is the 9th annual symposium on environmental sustainability presented by the Central CT State University Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition.  This year’s event will focus on historic preservation, building materials salvage, and the 'green' building movement.  Sessions include: Redeveloping Brownfields: Environmental, Social, and Economic Impacts (Deputy DECD Commissioner Tim Sullivan will explain and discuss Connecticut's strategy to reuse brownfields, including the rescue and reuse of industrial buildings and structures for redevelopment); Building Reuse, Preservation & 'Green' Construction Policy (Former Bridgeport, CT Mayor Bill Finch will lead a panel discussion on how local and state policies and legislation related to reuse and preservation and related guidelines for 'green' construction either promote or hinder sustainable development); Bringing 20th Century Design Into the 21st Century (CT Green Building Council board member Ross Spiegel will lead a panel discussion on the environmental benefits of the "embodied energy" contained in existing buildings); When It’s Beyond Saving: Building Deconstruction and Salvage (CT DEEP Environmental Analyst Sherill Baldwin will discuss the Materials Reuse Network, a group of professionals committed to the recovery, salvaging, and reuse of building materials); Building Environmental, Social, & Economic Sustainability: State, Local Government, & University (CT State Historic Preservation Officer Kristina Newman-Scott and CCSU President Jack Miller, Ph.D., will lead a discussion about the role that leaders from state government and academia play in ensuring the processes and systems associated with building construction, reuse, preservation, and demolition function in support of environmental, social, and economic sustainability throughout Connecticut).

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