APA Speaker Series - May Session: Taking the Temperature for Community Health and Well-Being

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section


Friday, May 13, 2016
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. PDT

West Sacramento, CA, United States

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2016 APA Speaker Series                                             

Vital Signs: On the Pulse of Planning for Healthy and Equitable Communities

Grab your data, put on your Fitbit, warm up your stethoscope, and join our coalition of community planners, designers, and public health professionals to discuss how to keep our communities vital and fit now and into the future!


Planners and public health officials and practitioners have long understood that community design impacts the health of community members. As the importance of environmental health and equity is increasingly recognized, there are new opportunities for planners, public health professionals, government, and community stakeholders to collaborate on advocating for and creating healthier places while advancing the shared goals of livable, inclusive communities; increased mobility and access to resources; economic vitality and opportunity; and reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The SacValley APA 2016 Speaker Series will use all six sessions to examine how planning and public health can integrate resources and actions to diagnosis, treat, prevent, benchmark, and celebrate the success of communities as they strive to improve the health of their residents, as well as that of their infrastructure and economy. Let us help cure what ails you; sign up now!

May Session:

What are the connections between the public health and planning professions? What instruments are available to check a community’s “vital signs?” Public health and planning have shared a long and intertwined history, and despite each broadening their practice to different areas of expertise, there has been an increased “re-convergence” between the two, particularly surrounding health, the built environment, and climate change. Join us for this session to understand the connections between public health, planning, and the environment, with specific focus on climate change and health impacts; learn what the social determinants of health are and how to measure them; and acquire the access to the toolkit of data related to public health, for example GIS mapping, indicator projects, and other innovative tools to take a community’s “temperature.”

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Brian Cole

Confirmed Speaker

Brian Cole is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Since 2001 he has pioneered the use of health impact assessment (HIA) in the U.S. and has been at the cutting edge of developing new HIA tools ... Read More

Ken Blankinship

Confirmed Speaker

Ken Blankinship National Sales Manager, Health & Human Services ESRI Ken joined ESRI in 1993 and has held several positions within the company including major accounts executive and Southwest Regional Manager for all State, Local and Regional Government account activities within California, Nevada, Hawaii and the US Pacific Territories. Over the ... Read More

Jonathan London

Confirmed Speaker

Jonathan London, PhD Assistant Professor, Human and Community Development Director, Center for Regional Change UC Davis Jonathan London is an educator, researcher, and community-builder with experience in participatory research, rural community development, and community engaged planning. Jonathan holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Brown University, a Masters in City ... Read More

Clint Kellar

Confirmed Speaker

Clint Kellar Solutions Engineer, Health & Human Services ESRI Since 1996, Clint has utilized Geographic Information Systems technology to apply location-based solutions to wide array of topics. His technical toolkit includes expertise in spatial analysis, systems and software configuration and deployment, and application development. He combines this knowledge with a passion ... Read More