APA Speaker Series 2016 - August Session: Measuring Health and Sustainability Outcomes in Funding Decisions

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section


Friday, August 26, 2016
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. PDT

West Sacramento, CA, United States

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2016 APA Speaker Series                                             

Vital Signs: On the Pulse of Planning for Healthy and Equitable Communities

Grab your data, put on your Fitbit, warm up your stethoscope, and join our coalition of community planners, designers, and public health professionals to discuss how to keep our communities vital and fit now and into the future!


Planners and public health officials and practitioners have long understood that community design impacts the health of community members. As the importance of environmental health and equity is increasingly recognized, there are new opportunities for planners, public health professionals, government, and community stakeholders to collaborate on advocating for and creating healthier places while advancing the shared goals of livable, inclusive communities; increased mobility and access to resources; economic vitality and opportunity; and reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The SacValley APA 2016 Speaker Series will use all six sessions to examine how planning and public health can integrate resources and actions to diagnosis, treat, prevent, benchmark, and celebrate the success of communities as they strive to improve the health of their residents, as well as that of their infrastructure and economy. Let us help cure what ails you; sign up now!

August Session:

This session will discuss how public funding programs are basing investment decisions on measurable outcomes related to sustainability and public health.  This panel of speakers represents three of the largest funders for land use and transportation sustainability projects in the greater Sacramento area: SACOG, SGC, and the Caltrans.  They will discuss current tools and techniques for prioritizing proposed investments and measuring the success of their funding programs, as well as what technical capacity-building efforts are underway to strengthen the ability of local governments and community organizations to utilize these investment resources. 

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Neil Paecock

Confirmed Speaker

Neil Peacock is a Senior Environmental Planner with Caltrans’ Division of Environmental Analysis, where he works for the Office of Environmental Management on legislative analysis as well as the Standard Environmental Reference and Environmental Document Annotated Outlines. Neil also serves as the Division’s representative on the Transportation Analysis Guide ... Read More

Allison Joe

Confirmed Speaker

Allison S. Joe, AICP works on efforts related to development and implementation of statewide and regional land use planning efforts, including implementation of the State’s California Climate Investments program, Senate Bill 375, sustainable infrastructure, and infill and transit-oriented development policies. Allison has professional experience in public infrastructure finance, real ... Read More

Matt Carpenter

Confirmed Speaker

Matt Carpenter is the Director of Transportation Services at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. In this role he is involved in planning and implementation efforts that include allocating over $150 million in funding each year towards the operation, maintenance and expansion of the Sacramento region's surface transportation network ... Read More