APA Speaker Series 2016 - September Session: Public Interest Design for Disadvantaged Communities: How Engagement & Design Lead to Healthy Places

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section


Friday, September 30, 2016
8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. PDT

West Sacramento, CA, United States

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2016 APA Speaker Series                                             

Vital Signs: On the Pulse of Planning for Healthy and Equitable Communities

Grab your data, put on your Fitbit, warm up your stethoscope, and join our coalition of community planners, designers, and public health professionals to discuss how to keep our communities vital and fit now and into the future!


Planners and public health officials and practitioners have long understood that community design impacts the health of community members. As the importance of environmental health and equity is increasingly recognized, there are new opportunities for planners, public health professionals, government, and community stakeholders to collaborate on advocating for and creating healthier places while advancing the shared goals of livable, inclusive communities; increased mobility and access to resources; economic vitality and opportunity; and reduced pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The SacValley APA 2016 Speaker Series will use all six sessions to examine how planning and public health can integrate resources and actions to diagnosis, treat, prevent, benchmark, and celebrate the success of communities as they strive to improve the health of their residents, as well as that of their infrastructure and economy. Let us help cure what ails you; sign up now!

September Session:

This session will focus on how to engage disadvantaged communities in the design process for facilities and places that will serve their needs.  Two case studies will be examined in South Sacramento and Del Paso Heights.  The session will discuss how data was collected directly from the areas residents and how they had the opportunity to influence the design outcomes.  In addition, the project designers will discuss some of the unique challenges addressed in each area. 

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Sergio Palleroni

Confirmed Speaker

Sergio Palleroni Sergio Palleroni is an architect and professor, and the founder and director of the Center for Public Interest Design at Portland State University. A leader in the field of public interest design internationally he has worked for the UN, World Bank as well as non-profits worldwide in service ... Read More

Rachel Rios

Confirmed Speaker

Rachel Rios Rachel Rios is the Executive Director of La Familia Counseling Center, a nonprofit serving the Sacramento community for over 40 years. Prior to coming to LFCC in 2012, Ms. Rios served as California's Director of the Division of Juvenile Justice and is passionate about the importance of ... Read More