Comprehensive Real Estate Development (CRED) - Community Development Facilty

New Jersey Redevelopment Authority - Redevelopment Training Institute


Thursday, October 27, 2016, 9:30 a.m.
Friday, October 28, 2016, 4:30 p.m. EDT

South Orange, NJ, United States

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Using a case study approach, participants will learn the fundamentals of real estate development using actual development projects as “backdrops” to the concepts, applications and detailed discussions.  Leading community-based real estate developers and practitioners will present a case study on the Vailsburg Child Development Center at Ivy Hill in Newark, New Jersey. They will highlight the problems, challenges and opportunities encountered. Participants will have the opprtunity to tour the project site and examine the overall structure of the development project, focusing on the analyses behind the investment strategy and community impact. 

The workshop will provide participants with an insider’s view on how the Vailsburg Child Development Center at Ivy Hill project was conceptualized and developed.  For each CRED location, consideration will be given to property and site analysis, market conditions, municipal approvals, acquisition strategy, construction or renovation costs, economic viability, and community and governmental relations.  The workshop will be taught by experienced real estate developers and their team. The NJRA Real Estate Development textbook will serve as a tool to supplement the lectures and discussions.   By examining actual development projects, participants can expect to gain a thorough understanding of the strategies and the details of a development project from beginning to end for a new development, Non-Profit community development or municipal-led redevelopment project.

The key learning objectives are:

  • Assess the primary factors affecting the feasibility of a real estate
    development projects and how to minimize these risks;
  • Discuss legal restrictions, rules and regulations pertaining to land use, construction and development of specialized community facilities;
  • Understand basic finance and real estate concepts and terminology;
  • Explore resources and tools used to engage in the real estate development process; and     
  • Evaluate the unique differences, needs and options associated with the development of community facilities.




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Patricia Anthony

Confirmed Speaker

Patricia Anthony is the Director of Housing Development, and has been with the agency for seventeen years. Ms. Anthony is an accomplished civil engineer with a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning and is responsible for all aspects of project design and management. She identifies the project sites ... Read More

Robert Farley

Confirmed Speaker

Robert “Mike” Farley has served as the executive director of Unified Vailsburg Services Organization (UVSO) since 1981. UVSO is a multi-purpose, neighborhood based human services and community development agency founded by residents of the Vailsburg section of Newark, New Jersey in 1972. In 2016 UVSO has a budget of $8M ... Read More

Dale Goodwin

Confirmed Speaker

Dale Goodwin has served as the Director of Youth & Children’s Programs of Unified Vailsburg Services Organization since 1995. Since her tenure Dale has overseen the operations of 2 infant and toddler programs, one of which is an Early Head Start Program, 2 Newark Abbott pre-k programs, 1 Irvington Abbott ... Read More