Montgomery County Regional Market Presentation

4ward Planning Inc.


Thursday, June 16, 2016
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. EDT

Horsham, PA, United States

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Land-use planning expert Todd J. Poole, president and founder of 4ward Planning, Inc., will share insight on socio-economic, industry, and real estate market trends and the implications these will have on Montgomery County land-use strategies and policies during a discussion on June 16.

“I will provide a Reader’s Digest guide to understanding what’s happening in the area,” said Poole, who has provided consulting services to state and local government, real estate developers, and non-profit organizations, locally and nationally.

Poole’s discussion will explore the implications that trends will have on local land-use policies. The objective is to generate fresh perspectives on age-old land-use issues:

·         What are the implications for our local businesses when our policies make it difficult to develop multi-family housing?

·         If we cooperated to help a neighboring county obtain a new manufacturing facility, would our residents still find opportunity in the jobs created?

·         What else can we do to revitalize dying shopping centers, given that we have too much retail in our county already?

The session is ideal for planners, real estate and economic development professionals, and local leaders working within Montgomery County.  Your civic and professional curiosity will be encouraged at the Q&A session following the presentation

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Todd Poole

Confirmed Speaker

Todd Poole is president, founder and managing principal of 4ward Planning Inc., with more than 24 years of economic development experience, both as a private sector consultant and a public sector practitioner. Specifically, Todd has extensive experience in the following economic and real estate land-use planning areas: comprehensive and master ... Read More