Southeast Florida FSUTMS Users Group Meeting Data Development and Data Analytics

APA Florida Chapter, Broward Section


Friday, June 10, 2016
9 a.m. - noon EDT

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

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The topic of the June 10, 2016 FSUTMS Users Group Meeting is Data Development and Data Analytics. The Southeast Florida FSUTMS Users Group Survey conducted in February 2016 showed an overwhelming interest in data development and data analytics. This meeting is our attempt to share the work that has been done recently in this respect. This meeting will feature the following three presentations: 

The first presentation is titled “Utilization of Data from Multiple Sources to Support Modeling, Performance Measurements, and Before-After Analysis”, and It will be given by Prof. Mohammed Hadi, Ph.D., P.E., of Florida International University. Over the past few years, detailed data are becoming available from multiple sources allowing transformation in the way that transportation models are developed and calibrated and in how to measure system performance and perform benefit-cost studies. New methods and guidance are being developed at the national and state levels to better utilize the collected data for these purposes. This presentation reviews some of these methods and will introduce a web-based data analytic tool, referred to as ITSDCAP, which has been developed for the FDOT by FIU in the past few years and can be used to support these activities. 

The second presentation is titled “Introduction to the Southeast Florida Regional STOPS Model”, and will be presented by Ashutosh Kumar of Connetics Transportation Group. FDOT District 4 is making available a regional STOPS model covering Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties for transit ridership forecasting for upcoming corridor studies. This model supplements the forecasting needs of the region and also complements Southeast Regional Planning Model (SERPM), which in some aspects, is not well informed about the transit rider travel patterns to be reliably used for project-level ridership forecasting. The presentation will introduce the model’s interface, present regional calibration results and identify additional tasks/updates users may have to perform for applying the model for a specific corridor. 

The third presentation is titled “Development of 2045 ABM Zonal Data Projections for the SIS Unfunded Needs Study”, and will be presented by Mike Brown of Transportation Planning Services, Inc. The purpose of the Strategic Investment System (SIS) 2045 Multi-Modal Unfunded Needs Plan is to identify the unfunded major transportation capacity improvements needed for a statewide network of high priority transportation facilities most critical for statewide and interregional travel. To identify projects not currently funded and not included in the Department's Adopted Work Program or the MPOs Long Range Cost Feasible Plans. To conduct a regional needs assessment to 2045 using the SERPM and TCRPM ABM models to identify the unfunded major transportation capacity improvements needed for designated and proposed SIS facilities and to provide 2045 socioeconomic data to Central Office for running the statewide model on the SIS network. For this project 2045 zonal data was generated for both the SERPM7 and the TCRPM models. Two alternatives were developed based upon the latest BEBR 2045 population projections and an extrapolation of the 2040 population trend used in the previous LRTPs, building up from the 2040 Plus data to create the 2045 zonal data using the best available local data to identify 2040-2045 growth at the TAZ and MAZ level. The presentation will highlight those 2045 zonal data projections and describe how those projections were developed. 

By attending the Users Group meeting, participants will learn the new methodologies of analyzing multimodal transportation 


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Mike Brown

Confirmed Speaker

Mike Brown has over 35 years of experience in the field of land use and transportation planning. He has worked for consulting firms, county government, and a regional planning council. Mike has been involved in the development and implementation of the Urban Land Use Allocation Model (ULAM) used by state ... Read More

Ashutosh Kumar

Confirmed Speaker

Mr. Kumar has over twelve (12) years of experience in multi-modal corridor planning studies, developing data driven planning techniques, travel demand model development and forecasting, traffic and transit ridership estimates, and New Starts analyses. He is an expert in processing and applying transportation travel data including household and employment surveys ... Read More

Dr Mohammed Hadi

Confirmed Speaker

Dr. Mohammed Hadi, P.E. is a professor at Florida International University. He has 30 year experience (20 years in academic and research institutions and 10 years in the private sector) in a wide variety of transportation engineering areas with emphasis on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), connected vehicles, data analytic ... Read More