OMS-FPZA: International Drive Visionioning

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section


Friday, January 29, 2016, 11:45 p.m.
Friday, January 29, 2016, 1:15 p.m. EST

Orlando, FL, United States

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Alberto Vargas (Manager – Orange County Planning Division) will share insights from International Drive / Convention Plaza District I-Drive 2040 Strategic Visioning initiative, which included a year-long process of working with a steering committee of stakeholders in the area.  Mr. Vargas will discuss the Visioning process, the resulting Vision document and the upcoming land development code revisions that will work to implement the long-range plan for the area.  Learning objectives include the following:




  • Public Participation:  Mr. Vargas will explain the public participation strategy which engaged numerous stakeholders, both public and private.  The process included thirteen (13) visioning workshops and multiple technical subcommittee meetings that engaged property owners, public officials, Orange County staff, City of Orlando staff and the general public.  These workshops focused on pedestrian accommodations, right-of-way design, permitted uses, urban design standards and other regulatory policies such as alcohol distance separation.


  • Vision Document Preparation: Mr. Vargas will explain the process of writing the Visioning Document, which was accepted by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.  The Vision Document includes the history of the study area, challenges and opportunities, vision framework, goal and strategies, subdistrict analysis and implementation plan.  For reference, the full Vision Document can be accessed here:


  • Form-Based Code Overview:  The final step of the Visioning process is the adoption of a form-based code for the study area.  Mr. Vargas will explain the proposed transect zones and regulating plan by subdistrict.  Adoption of this code is expected in Summer of 2016.


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Alberto Vargas

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Alberto A. Vargas, MArch. Manager, Planning Division Alberto A. Vargas, Manager, Orange County, Planning Division. He has served as Planning Manager for Orange County since November 2012, where he is responsible Long-Range and Current Planning as well as Urban Design and Placemaking. Alberto has 20 years of experience in Planning ... Read More