Current and Increasing Crisis in Affordable Rental Housing

APA National Capital Area Chapter


Wednesday, September 28, 2016
10:30 a.m. - noon EDT

Upper Marlboro, MD, United States

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This seminar will look at the experiences of other jurisdictions implementing specific affordable housing zoning policies, such as inclusionary zoning, density bonuses, accessory apartments, and parking requirements to assess their impact in increasing the supply of affordable housing.  We will examine the pros and cons of specific policies and how different approaches might result in different outcomes.  We will look at how such policies might need to be adjusted to meet the specific needs of Prince George’s County.  We will look specifically at Montgomery County’s pioneering MPDU program to examine results, impact and “lessons learned”, as well as Washington DC’s more recently implemented inclusionary zoning which has experienced unique challenges.  We will discuss whether density bonuses really are an incentive, and how they might be structured to be effective.  We will explore the benefits/challenges of on-site versus off-site inclusionary zoning.  We will see what experiences other jurisdictions have had with introducing accessory apartments and what unique challenges these create.  Finally, we will look at typical parking requirements and contrast this with typical demand at affordable and senior properties which tend to have fewer cars but can ill afford to overbuild their parking. The goal of this seminar is to increase understanding of how these policies work and what unintended consequences might occur if the policies are not adapted to local conditions.

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Maryann Dillon

Invited Speaker

Maryann Dillon is the Executive Director of Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc. (HIP). Ms. Dillon has over 28 years of experience managing affordable housing development and is responsible for the overall programs and direction of HIP’s housing counseling program. Ms. Dillon joined HIP on October 15, 2012. Prior to that ... Read More