Solar Energy at a Utility Scale - Redux

APA Arizona Chapter


Friday, September 9, 2016, 7 a.m.
Friday, September 9, 2016, 5 p.m. MST

Phoenix, AZ, United States

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This tour echoes the mobile workshop held as part of the National Planning Conference in April of this year, and highlights two utility-scale solar electric generating facilities - the Solana Energy Generating Station, a 280-megawatt concentrating solar power facility, and AVSE II, a 125-megawatt photovoltaic solar generating facility. The workshop will involve a tour of both facilities, with ample discussion regarding the solar electric industry in Arizona. During our travels, the bus will ride will include various points of interest including the scenic Old U.S. Highway 80, the Old Gillespie Dam, and several other smaller solar facilties.

By the end of the Workshop, participants will:

-Understand the fundamental differences between photovoltaic, concentrating solar power, and combined-cycle gas generation technologies.

-Gain an appreciation for the vastness of the west and the potential for solar energy development in central Arizona.

-Learn about the evolution of western Maricopa County as a major electrical hub for the western U.S.

-Understand some of the environmental and ecological issues regarding solar energy.

-Understand the political environment under which renewable energy has been deployed in AZ.

-Understand various jurisdiction's approach to managing the planning, entitlement and permitting processes associated with utility-scale solar energy development.

-Understand comparative cooling water usage as it relates to differing electrical generating technologies.

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Eric Fitzer

Confirmed Speaker


Mike Gibson

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Robert Kuhfuss, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Rob Kuhfuss is a life-long resident of the metro-Phoenix area and witnessed first-hand the region’s explosive growth, which took the metro area from a population of about a 500,000 to over 4 million. Rob spent fifteen years with the Maricopa County Planning and Development Department working on the ... Read More

Frederick Redell

Confirmed Speaker

Frederick Redell is the Managing Director of Abengoa Solar in the United States. Abengoa Solar is an Abengoa company that focuses on solar technologies and promotes solar power plant projects. Prior to joining Abengoa Solar, Fred owned an engineering company specializing in energy facility development. Fred has worked in several ... Read More

Darren Gerard, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Darren V. Gerard, AICP has been a community and regional planner for 27 years working in Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico and Arizona. He is a Deputy County Planning & Development Director for Maricopa County, Arizona. He has been with the department for 18 years. Read More

Marilyn Teague

Confirmed Speaker

Ms. Teague has more than 25 years of permitting, compliance and safety experience in the energy industry. Currently as Director, Environmental & Safety Compliance and Permitting, at Sempra U.S. Gas & Power, she has led teams responsible for permitting wind and solar energy facilities, gas fired power plants and natural gas ... Read More