Radical Incrementalism: The surprising power of planning small



Thursday, December 8, 2016
2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EST

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How often have you passed through a small town that consists of nothing but chain restaurants, one big-box store, and a moribund main street?

How long do these places stick in your memory?  

Not long.  

What does it take for small towns, city centers and town centers to be successful and make people want to come back or stay?

During this webinar, Planner, Simon O’Byrne, will share some insight on how the collective power of many small ideas and actions can build  a better urban society.   He will share: 

• How to understand the demographics you’re planning for 

• How to work with what you have (instead of dreaming too big) to reap the biggest benefits for your community

• What it takes to move a place from good to great 

• Design solutions that have worked in other communities


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Simon O'Byrne

Simon (@Simon_OByrne) is an award winning urban designer and planner and is Vice President of Stantec’s Urban Planning and the Sector Leader for Community Development in Canada. As a planning expert he is frequently quoted in North America media and is a sought after public speaker. Simon has led ... Read More

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