Safe Streets Summit 2017 (Building Blocks for Complete Streets)

APA Florida Chapter, Broward Section


Friday, January 27, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Sunrise, FL, United States

CM | 5.25

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For the first time, the conference will be a collaboration between the Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach MPOs. In 2017, the theme and focus will be on implementing Complete Streets and highlighting the building blocks and tools for better connected and safer streets for all. We are excited about the topics that will be covered during the summit including implementation, evaluation, equity, and funding Complete Streets. Workshops include:
Happy Mobility
For years, self-help experts have told us that
we need to nourish our mind, body, and soul
in order to improve ourlives. But what if our urban environment had the power
to influence our happiness? Everything from the length of a
commute to the width of a bike lane can impact our emotions.
Drawing on neuroscience, psychology, and rich personal stories,
Charles Montgomery explains how our transportation choices
influence how we feel, behave, and treat other people.
The Blueprint for Overcoming Barriers to Complete Streets 
The health, safety and economic benefits of designing
streets for all users is no longer a myth. Complete Streets projects
have beenimplemented successfully throughout the United States,
buthowdo you make the Complete Streets dream a
reality here in South Florida? Our panel of experts will
discuss strategies and tools to navigate current barriers, and
innovative steps for successful implementation of Comp
lete Streets. Specific examples will be presented during t
his paneldiscussion including the successful implementation of
"road diets" in many communities around the nation.
Stepping it Up: Evaluation as a Complete Streets Game-Changer
Evaluation is a key factor in determining the return on
investment for a Complete Streets project, but how can
we measure success beyond the traditional metrics? A multi-disciplina
ry evaluation approach can reveal how our Complete Streets
projects lead to more far-reaching outcomes in the areas o
f health, safety, and economic vitality. Our speakers will
provide real-life examples to demonstrate the benefits
of bicycle and pedestrian friendly designs and outline
techniques tohelp describe project benefits in line with the values
of citizens and elected officials.
Keynote Speaker Emiko Atherton, Director of National Complete Streets Coalition
How to embrace your professional diversity and leverage the available
tools for design, advocacy, communications, research, implementation, funding
and technical assistance to achieve Complete Streets for ALL
Go beyond the generic discussion with a sensitive and realistic message
focusing on the users of ourtransportation network and how street design can impact t
he health of a community.
An Avenue for Equity in Transportation
Creating safe streets for all regardless of age, income,
ability, ethnicity, and gender requires an understanding of the
urban fabric of communities and their institutions. Pl
anning for equitable mobility requires a strategy that
envelops thevision, aspirations, and interests of all community mem
bers. This session will provide an overview of the cont
extual factors surrounding equity, transportation, and their imp
act on individuals focusing on concrete tools for how to integrate
equity into transportation planning, design,
Paving the Way to Fund Complete Streets 
Smart growth development, including Complete Streets, have
been shown to contribute to acommunity’s fiscal health and
economic viability. Unfortunately, securing funding for t
hese projects can often feel like a daunting and impossible
endeavor. Our speakers will provide new insight on how to strategi
cally position yourself and your communities to raise
the capital needed to implement Complete Streets.

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Fred Jones

Confirmed Speaker

Fred Jones is currently senior project manager with Michael Baker International. He has over 15 years’ experience in plan development and project management for a variety of community planning and mobility projects. His expertise includes multimodal transportation planning, corridor studies, complete streets, traffic impact analysis, public involvement, as well as ... Read More

Sarita Turner

Confirmed Speaker

Sarita Turner has over 20 years of experience working in the non-profit sector raising awareness around, and supporting strategies to address institutionalized racism and the disinvestment of people and communities of color. Sarita has worked in various positions including: direct services, policy advocacy, community organizing, government, community development, and philanthropy ... Read More

Edward Silva

Confirmed Speaker

Mr. Edward Silva was appointed Village Manager following a unanimous vote by the Palmetto Bay Village Council. As Village Manager, Mr. Silva is the chief administrative officer for the Village. In this capacity, he oversees and manages all village personnel and departmental operations. Since becoming Village Manager, Mr. Silva has ... Read More

Dale Bracewell

Confirmed Speaker

Dale Bracewell, M.A.Sc., P. Eng. is the Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dale and his team lead the citywide and community planning implementation of Transportation 2040, the city’s long range transportation plan for all modes, including funding strategies and coordination ... Read More

Emiko Atherton

Confirmed Speaker

Emiko Atherton is the Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America. As the Director, Emiko oversees the Coalition’s federal advocacy, communications, research, and technical assistance programs. She has used her expertise in transportation policy, public health, land use, economic development, and legislation to ... Read More

Jeff Arms

Confirmed Speaker

Jeff Arms serves as the Transportation Planning Section Manager for the Orlando Office of HDR, where he leads a team of planners and engineers working on multi-modal transportation projects. Prior to returning to HDR in early 2014, he worked for the City of Orlando for over 11 years where he ... Read More

Rebecca Crowe

Confirmed Speaker

Ms. Crowe serves as Transportation Specialist in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Safety. Ms. Crowe manages and provides guidance on matters related to Road Safety Audits (RSAs), Road Diets and Pedestrian safety. Ms. Crowe works closely with Federal, State, local, tribal and not-for-profit agencies to advance highway safety ... Read More

Scot Spencer

Confirmed Speaker

As the Associate Director of Advocacy and Influence at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Scot Spencer leads the Foundation’s work in advancing community-focused policies, practices and strategies that increase opportunities for children, families and the places where they live and foster their success. Before taking on these roles, Spencer ... Read More

Ashley Robbins

Confirmed Speaker


Charles Montgomery,

Confirmed Speaker


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