Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

AECOM - Planning and Design


Monday, December 19, 2016
noon - 1 p.m. EST

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FOR AECOM EMPLOYEES ONLY - The course encompassed an overview and background of UAS technology and applied uses. This included the types and application of airframes and sensors, as well as the variety of mapping, planning, inspection, and general project management uses of each UAS. The presentation also featured a summary of relevant laws governing UAS. 

The speakers offered insights into methods and outcomes of geospatial data extraction and their potential uses for improved project development and delivery. The process of extracting data points for site mapping was explained step-by-step  

The presentation included examples of technology application and project-specific uses. 


Anthony Graziani

Anthony Graziani has been with AECOM (URS) for 15 years and currently serves as a site safety officer for large mediation projects. Anthony is also an FAA Certified UAS Pilot with experience in UAS fieldwork. Read More

TJ Deane

TJ Dean has worked for AECOM for 3 years and is an FAA Certified UAS pilot. His experience is in UAS fieldwork and application of the new technology. Read More

John Knowlton

John Knowlton is a Team Lead for a group of 12 GIS and geospatial analysts. As part of his 16 years of experience in GIS/geospatial Data, John has spent the last 8 years managing aerial acquisition and processing projects. He is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammtrist, PMP, and GISP. Read More

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