WATER COLLABORATIVE 2017 LUNCH & LEARN SERIES: Total Stormwater Management Presentation

APA Louisiana Chapter


Tuesday, March 21, 2017
noon - 1:15 p.m. CDT

New Orleans, LA, United States

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Managing stormwater runoff from a development, corridor or residential property is best done with an integrated approach. This course provides a framework for identifying the need for stormwater management, designing stormwater mitigating solutions, selecting products and technologies to address stormwater control, and properly installing these systems and products.

Techniques addressed include surface stormwater mitigation through grass and gravel porous paving, erosion control and scour protection systems.  The presentation addresses subsurface water storage and conveyance with modular tanks and drainage geocomposites.

Participants will learn how these technologies can clean stormwater of pollutants, prevent run-off, store and reuse water, and convey water for treatment.  Participants will also learn how to identify the proper technology for their site or application. The presentation will touch on the components needed for the systems, basic installation steps, and proper maintenance of these products and systems.

In addition, the presentation will address ancillary environmental benefits that can be used toward LEED™ certification, such as

urban heat island mitigation, recycling, tree preservation, airborne dust capture and retention, native vegetation use, reduced site disturbance, and air-conditioning effect.  

Similarly, it will address the aesthetic benefits of these technologies include vegetation and native plant use, patterns and insets, “disguised” functions, and unseen installations.

Finally, participants will learn of the economic benefits of these products and systems.  Benefits include design and implementation savings, multiple-use surfaces, component savings, life-cycle and maintenance savings, insurance savings, and increased product lifespan over conventional systems.

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