Tucson Airport Authority Master Planning Process and Recent Site Specific Planning

APA Arizona, Southern Section


Wednesday, February 22, 2017
noon - 1 p.m. CST

Tucson, AZ, United States

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Program Description: This meeting focused on the Master Planning (MP) Process followed by the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) for the Tucson International Airport (TUS). The major topic areas of the presentation were on the TAA, TUS, Federal Aviation Administration, TUS Forecast, TUS Master Plan and TUS project specific planning. The TAA is a not-for profit corporation that manages and operates TUS. TUS Served by 6 airlines, including the 4 largest U.S. carriers, has 59 daily airline departures to 19 nonstop destinations. At 8,300 acres, it is one of the largest commercial airports by land area in the United States. Recently completed or major projects underway total $308.2 million.


The TUS Master Plan is required by FAA because TAA receives Federal grants. The TUS MP is both a reference document and planning document (Long Range Project Planning) and is updated on 5 to 10 year cycle. The FAA reviews & approves 2 components: Forecast (Baseline, Low & High Case) and the associated Airport Layout Plan. TAA staff, Consultants, and Project Advisory Team (comprised of representatives from the greater Tucson area with a vested interest in TUS) participate the MP’s development. The ALP consists of the Airport Data Sheet, Existing Airport Layout Plan, Existing Facilities Table, Future Northwest Airport Plan, Future Airport Layout Plan, Runway 11L-29R Obstacle Free Zone Sheet, Future Part 77 Sheet, Future Land Use Plan and Airport Property Map.



The presentation included an overview of TUS’ Comprehensive Development Plan, Airfield Alternatives, Aeronautical Land Use, and future Development Plan. Recent Site Specific Planning examples included: Cargo & Logistics, Special Planning Area, Aerospace and Defense Corridor, MRO & Airside Manufacturing, and Ryan Airfield – Campus Plan.


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