Planning Healthy Iowa Communities - Connecting the Dots

APA Iowa Chapter


Friday, March 24, 2017
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. CDT

Des Moines, IA, United States

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The American Planning Association and the American Public Health Association, along with other national organizations have partnered over the past several years to reconnect planning and public health to educate, inform and advance Health in All Policies, Physical Activity and Nutrition initiatives, programs, policies and projects across the United States. The American Planning Association Iowa Chapter has benefitted from these efforts as the recipient of Plan4Health (P4H) and Planners4Health grant funding. The Planning Healthy Iowa Communities initiative is working to advance healthy community design through collaboration, education and action across the State

This presentation will identify and reinforce the connections between planning, public health and environmental health. Research continues to point to longevity and quality of life being less about genetic code and more about zip code. The APA Iowa Chapter Planning Healthy Iowa Communities Initiative recognizes the role planners play in those areas and continues to develop collaborative efforts to advance work in the area of social determinants of health to improve quality of life outcomes for communities in Iowa.


Hear lessons learned and outcomes of the Chapter’s efforts regarding coalition building, physical activity and nutrition from the Linn County Coalition P4H projects. Catch highlights and recommendations from the “Step Into Nature with Marion” active living template for communities, the “Promoting Healthy Choices” training manual for food pantries, a food pantry location mapping analysis and results of a unique collaborative session between the APA Iowa Board and the Iowa Public Health Association Board joint meeting. Learn what’s next for Planning Healthy Iowa Communities in its work to enhance and sustain collaborations to assist and encourage healthy community planning efforts across the State. Finally, receive a quick update on the partnerships and collaborations that Planning Healthy Iowa Communities has engaged in and what we’ve learned from and contributed to those efforts.

  1. Identify methods to collaborate between planning, public health and environmental health to enhance policies, programs and projects.

  2. Recognize the intersection of planning and public health related to the social determinants of health; especially neighborhood and physical environment and food.

  3. Observe existing and new opportunities through the Plan4Health and Planners4Health programs of the APA Iowa Chapter.

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John Peterson, AICP

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John Peterson, PE, AICP John Peterson is the founder and principal of Peterson Planning Strategies, a community planning and design firm specializing in translating community ideas into actionable policies, plans and projects. In his prior work over 35+ years John served in a number of roles including Planning and Building ... Read More

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