Health Impact Assessment: Incorporating Health into Planning and Decision- Making

APA New Jersey Chapter


Monday, May 22, 2017
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. EDT

New Brunswick, NJ, United States

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Heath Impact Assessment (HIA) can be used to evaluate a proposed plan or project's potenƟal effects on the health of a population. HIA provides evidence‐based recommendaƟons aimed at enhancing posiƟve health impacts and minimizing negaƟve ones.

In this course, the Planning Healthy Communities Initiative (PHCI) will lead an introductory training on health impact assessment as a tool to promote community health and equity in planning processes and decision‐ making. Participants engage in group exercises related to HIA steps, discuss opportunities and challenges to integrating health into planning and policy processes, and learn about new statewide collaboraƟve initiatives and emerging tools to build capacity for health advancement in   planning, and to support health in all policies.  

Understand the broader context of health influences and thesocial determinants of health.

Understand the principles, value, and use of HIA, as well as the steps involved in conducƟng an HIA.

Understand applicability of HIA to planning, development and land use decision‐making and processes.

Explore opportuniƟes to incorporate HIA and/or health in all policies in local government decision‐making.

Review the resources available to local government decision‐makers and ciƟzens that wish to include health consideration in community planning.


Karen Lowrie


Leigh Ann Von Hagen, AICP

Leigh Ann Von Hagen AICP/PP is a Research Project Manager for the Voorhees Transportation Center and facilitator for the Planning Healthy Communities Initiative at Rutgers University. For over fifteen years, Ms. Von Hagen’s work focuses on addressing health disparities by developing sustainable transportation and land use solutions for ... Read More

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