Integrating Equity into Regional Transportation Planning

APA Florida Chapter, Suncoast Section


Thursday, April 27, 2017
noon - 1 p.m. EST

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Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) have long been required to consider the equity implications of regional transportation plans and processes. This session reports on methods used by MPOs to understand the equity effects of regional transportation plans and investments, based on research conducted for the National Institute of Transportation and Communities. Participants will learn how MPOs can evaluate the distributional effects of transportation investments on accessibility of low-income and minority populations to jobs and services, availability of transportation options, and other equity considerations. The session includes a review of case study applications of equity analysis in two diverse metropolitan planning areas: 1) Hillsborough County (Tampa), Florida: a lower density, sprawling, auto dependent area with limited public transportation; and 2) Portland, Oregon a higher density, compact urban area with a variety of travel options and a strong urban growth management system. The two MPOs are at different stages of addressing transportation equity in their planning and public engagement activities, ranging from a formal working group dedicated to measuring equity as a key performance measure in the regional plan, to a start-up effort aimed at integrating new analysis methods and equity performance measures into the planning process.


Grace Cho

Invited Speaker

Grace Cho is an associate transportation planner at Metro, the metropolitan planning organization for the Portland, Oregon region. She received her Masters of Urban Planning degree from the University of Washington and her undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College. Read More

Wade Reynolds

Invited Speaker

Wade Reynolds is a Community Planner with the Hillsborough County MPO with focuses on planning for health, equity, and bicycle and pedestrian issues. Read More

Kristine Williams

Invited Speaker

Kristine M. Williams, AICP is Program Director of Planning and Corridor Management research at CUTR. Her research interests include access management, multimodal transportation and land use planning, equity, alternative funding, and public involvement. Ms. Williams is lead author of the Transportation Research Board Access Management Manual (2003, 2014) and past ... Read More

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