Ocean Beach Master Plan: Multi-Objective Adaptation to Sea-Level Rise along San Francisco's Pacific Ocean Shore



Friday, May 19, 2017
9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. CDT

San Francisco, CA, United States

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The Ocean Beach Master Plan was developed by the San Francisco Planning + Urban Climate Change and Special Projects Manager Research Association (SPUR) and a team of consultants in 2012 for the City / County of San Francisco and the National Park Service (http://www.spur.org/ocean-beach). The Master Plan is a vision of the west shore of San Francisco through 2100, and covers 3.5 miles of National Park beach, major transportation and sewer infrastructure, and extensive residential and commercial development. Consideration of coastal processes, traffic and pedestrian access informed the tough decisions needed to balance infrastructure functions with beach recreation and ecology.

The Plan is being implemented via several parallel actions.


•  Engineering analysis has refined and detailed the required implementation, focusing on the long-term protection of the wastewater infrastructure.

•  Transportation and access analysis has addressed the effects of roadway modifications for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.


•  The City is amending its Local Coastal Program to incorporate recommendations from the Plan addressing coastal erosion and sea level rise.

•  An interim renovation is under consideration.

•  Immediate management actions are underway:

o Monitoring of conditions, and risk to infrastructure

o  Sand placement to buffer erosion and enhance beaches

o  Contingency plans developed in case of excessive erosion



This panel will describe the OBMP, including context leading to its development and the recent implementation efforts.


Steve Ortega

Steve Ortega is involved in Planning, Project Management, and Compliance at Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Read More

Chris Kern

Chris Kern is a Senior Environmental Planner at the City and County of San Francisco Planning Department. Read More

Anna Roche

Anna Roche is the Climate Change and Special Projects Manager at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Read More

Ben Grant

Ben Grant is the Urban Design Policy Director at San Francisco Planning and Urban Research. Read More

Robert Battalio

Robert Battalio is the Vice President of Environmental Hydrology at Environmental Science Associates. Read More

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