So You Want to Build a Levee?



Friday, May 19, 2017
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

San Francisco, CA, United States

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Constructing anything these days is challenging, but to propose a new levee on the upper reaches of the San Jacinto River in Southern California proved to be challenging to not only the public agencies proposing the project, but also to the project engineers, biologists and regulatory agencies. It took years of negotiations to work out the details of the construction impacts and long term maintenance needs against the various biological and ecological resources in the river. Our panel will tell the story of one project's plight of trying to balance flood protection and future community development interests with the biological resources dependent on a river and its hydrologic regimes. The panelists include one of the project proponent Lead Agencies, a regulatory agency staffer, project engineer and project biologist/CEQA consultant. The panel will provide their insights and perspectives as to how this project represented an example of balancing economic, engineering and environmental considerations.



Sonya Hooker

Sonya Hooker is the Director of Environmental Services at Ruth Villalobos & Associates, Inc. Sonya has worked as a consultant since 2000. Sonya earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from California State University, San Bernardino. Sonya is a long-time member of the Association of Environmental Professionals and American Planning Association ... Read More

Joseph Caldwell

As an expert in hydrology and hydraulics, Joseph Caldwell leads the firm’s Stormwater Engineering Department at Albert A. Webb Associates (WEBB), focusing on the development of master drainage plans, the design of backbone drainage infrastructure, and the design of water quality systems for flood control projects throughout the region ... Read More

Stuart McKibben

Stuart McKibbin has been with the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District for 31 years and manages its Watershed Protection Division. Read More

Laurie Dobson Correa

Laurie Dobson Correa is the Director of Reserve Management and Monitoring for the Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority (RCA). She is responsible for overseeing reserve management, biological monitoring and project review for the Western Riverside County MSHCP. Read More

Stephanie Standerfer

Stephanie Standerfer is a Vice President overseeing the Planning & Environmental Services Department at Albert A. Webb Associates. Ms. Standerfer specializes in environmental planning and natural resource management. Ms. Standerfer has 19 years’ professional experience as an environmental planner. Ms. Standerfer manages large California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) projects for both ... Read More

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