Getting to Know You: New Residents, Entertainment Venues & Noise at the Mixed-Use Frontier



Friday, May 19, 2017
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

San Francisco, CA, United States

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San Francisco has supported a thriving nightlife, arts and entertainment scene since its early days as a Gold Rush town. Today, the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and various performance venues – together known as “places of entertainment” or “POEs” – make a substantial contribution to the City’s unique character, lively civic life, and economy. San Francisco also has an extraordinarily tight and expensive housing market. With limited room for new construction, the City has adopted plans and zoning that emphasize mixed land uses with the goal of creating new housing and promoting vibrant, diverse and walkable neighborhoods. One byproduct of this planning model has been a substantial increase in the number of noise complaints from residents living near POEs.


This presentation will examine the CEQA context for noise issues arising with mixed-use planning and the proximity of residences and places of entertainment. The City’s recently adopted Places of Entertainment ordinance will be presented as a proactive planning tool to avoid potential entertainment-related noise conflicts. Case studies of conflicts between residents and entertainment venues will be discussed with San Francisco’s Noise Control Officer and the Executive Director of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission. Video, photographs and audio will be used to illustrate examples and context for the issue. The presentation will be broadly applicable to a variety of noise issues that can arise in a mixed-use planning context.





Jonathan Piakis

Jonathan Piakis is an Industrial Hygienist with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH), Environmental Health Branch in the Air Quality, Hazardous Material Emergency Response, and Noise Programs. As the Noise Control Officer, Jonathan is responsible for enforcing the city’s Noise Ordinance with respect to fixed mechanical building ... Read More

Jocelyn Kane

Jocelyn Kane is Executive Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission, which is charged with ensuring the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues in the City. Along with daily regulatory concerns, her most current policy work includes the first legislative protections for nightlife businesses from new residential ... Read More

Christopher Thomas

Chris Thomas is an environmental planner with the San Francisco Planning Department. In addition to preparing and reviewing CEQA documents for a variety of projects, Chris assists fellow planners in evaluating project-specific noise issues and analyses. Read More

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