Measuring the Miles: VMT & Transportation Impacts Under SB 743



Friday, May 19, 2017
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

San Francisco, CA, United States

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This panel will focus on developing and implementing new transportation performance metrics and impact criteria under the revised CEQA guidelines. The transportation analysis world is changing both from the perspective of our customers and their changing expectations, and from the perspective of our shifting statewide policy and environmental requirements and criteria. All of this comes at a time when the pace of development activity is accelerating with regional economic growth. This session will help you navigate through this change and emerge with solutions that work to achieve General Plan goals and provide legal defensibility. The City of Los Angeles has been working on multiple efforts to revamp business as usual when it comes to identifying transportation impacts. Understanding a project’s VMT impact and how it changes with the implementation of design features or TDM strategies will be critical as the CEQA guidelines change as a result of SB 743. The success of implementation is particularly dependent on the technical objectivity, ease of use, and legal defensibility of the tools and procedures that jurisdictions use to evaluate projects going forward.




Sarah Brandenberg

Sarah Brandenberg is a Principal in the Los Angeles office of Fehr & Peers. She has navigated a variety of land use, mobility, and infrastructure projects through the CEQA process, often in highly controversial urban environments. Sarah was the project manager for the City's Westside Mobility Plan that included a ... Read More

Kathy Phelan

Kathy Phelan is a Deputy City Attorney at the City of Los Angeles. She specializes in CEQA review and has been instrumental in helping the City adopt new transportation performance thresholds, develop legally defensible EIRs, and navigate through the adoption of the City's first VMT Transportation Impact Fee. Read More

David Somers

David Somers is a mobility planner with the department of City Planning and the City of Los Angeles. He has lead multiple high profile City projects, such as the adoption of the City's Bike Plan and Mobility Plan 2035, and is the Project Manager for the City's Measuring ... Read More

Jeremy Klop

Jeremy Klop, AICP has a wide range of experience in multimodal planning and implementation projects across the United States. He is known for working effectively with planning commissions, elected officials, advocacy groups, and multiple city departments to gain consensus on complex transportation planning issues. He frequently lectures and trains practitioners ... Read More

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