Mitigation Creation Station: A Hands-on Workshop Focusing on How to Construct Defensible, Implementable Mitigation Measures



Saturday, May 20, 2017
10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. CDT

San francisco, CA, United States

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If an EIR is the heart of CEQA, then mitigation measures are the hands and feet. Mitigation is the place where all of the painstaking environmental analysis converts to real-world action, and it is imperative that the mitigation text is not only legally defensible, but also clearly expresses the requirements needed to reduce impacts. Otherwise, applicants may be uncertain how to implement such measures, and lead agencies may find it difficult to monitor or verify completion. This workshop—led by a panel consisting of an environmental consultant, a city planner, a mitigation/regulatory permitting specialist, a land use attorney, and a private developer—will provide tools to bridge the gap between the intended mitigation action and the interpreted mitigation action. Such tools include statutory and case-law-based “best practices” for preparing clear, defensible, and implementable mitigation measures, as well as anecdotes and lessons learned from actual projects. The panel will also conduct an interactive mitigation writing group exercise.



Mike Parker

Mike Parker is a CEQA and NEPA project manager drawing from 13 years of environmental planning and urban planning experience. He has successfully managed the CEQA processes for large and small projects throughout California, but with a concentration in the Central Valley region. His diverse project experience ranges from open ... Read More

Michael Eng

Michael Eng specializes in project management of complex water resources projects involving CEQA, regulatory permitting, and mitigation. Mike’s key experience has included project management and coordination of fast-paced and controversial public Mike Parker is a CEQA and NEPA project manager drawing from 13 years of environmental planning and urban ... Read More

Tracey Ferguson

Tracey Ferguson, AICP is a Forward Planner with D.R. Horton and is responsible for managing residential land development and planning entitlements, including CEQA IS/MND and EIR preparation, in addition to implementing project conditions of approval, environmental mitigation measures, and conditions of state and federal regulatory permits. Tracey brings ... Read More

Jess Yang

Jesse Yang is an attorney with Taylor & Wiley, a Sacramento environmental and land use law firm. He has successfully represented many clients in an array of matters of environmental compliance associated with securing and defending land use entitlements. Jesse has over 20 years of experience involving the California Environmental Quality ... Read More

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