Attracting & Negotiating with Equity Investor

New Jersey Redevelopment Authority - Redevelopment Training Institute


Wednesday, June 7, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CDT

Philadelphia, PA, United States

CM | 5.25

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Equity has become a more essential source of capital for residential and commercial development projects and developers are forced to contribute more equity capital in development projects.  Since the recent economic crisis, most projects will not support and lenders will not allow more than 80 percent, and sometimes 60 – 70 percent of debt financing in the deal.   So how do you attract the equity capital after you have exhausted all debt financing alternatives?  The first step in attracting equity capital is “penciling out” the project to know what you have to work with, then structuring and negotiating a suitable partnership. 


This workshop will feature George Vallone, President of the Hoboken Brownstone Company, now located on his 15 acre, 2,000 unit redevelopment project in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey.  He is the immediate past President and now Chairmen of the Board of the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA).  Mr.Vallone, a national sought after speaker, will discuss how to strategically evaluate, position, and present your project to equity investors.  Also, it may sound somewhat simplistic but who are these potential partners?  Come learn what types of projects and structures these equity investors’ prefer, and where to find these potential partners from an industry expert.  Seats are limited.


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George Vallone

As President of The Hoboken Brownstone Company -- a multi-faceted real estate development firm active along New Jersey’s Hudson River “Gold Coast” -- George Vallone, along with his friend and Partner for over 34 years - Chief Operating Officer Daniel Gans, has compiled extensive experience in urban housing through a socially conscious ... Read More

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