Beyond Imagine 2040: Planning for an Uncertain Future with Gaming Strategies

APA Florida Chapter, Suncoast Section


Thursday, June 1, 2017
noon - 1 p.m. EDT

Tampa, FL, United States

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The Atlanta Regional Commission recently completed an 18 month scenario planning process to refine the vision for the future of the 20 county Atlanta metropolitan planning area. That vision, dubbed “Winning the Future”, was adopted in February 2016 and aims to achieve three interrelated outcomes: world class infrastructure, a competitive economy, and healthy livable communities.

In today’s rapidly changing world, the policies and strategies which must be implemented to achieve those outcomes could be radically different from the same approaches which served the Atlanta region well over the past several recent decades. From autonomous and connected vehicles to the greying of our population to uncertainties surrounding climate change and finance, planners and elected officials are faced with enormous challenges in determining the types and locations of transportation investments which can meet the needs of today, as well as those of tomorrow.

ARC’s approach involved the identification of nine key “drivers of change” which have the greatest potential to shape the region’s long term future, then weaving those disruptive influences into four distinct alternate futures. In this session, you’ll learn about the process used to develop those scenarios, how they were analyzed, and major themes which emerged during outreach with key stakeholder groups. The benefits and challenges of this type of scenario planning, based on ARC’s experiences, will be highlighted. And as the agency turns its focus to the next major update of its multi-disciplined long range plan, hear how this information will be used to inform and guide policy discussions with elected officials, agency partners, and the general public.




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David Haynes

David Haynes 40 Courtland Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone: 404.463.3100 Email: David Haynes has been with the Transportation Division of the Atlanta Regional Commission since June 2001. In his current role as the Long Range Planning Manager, he is responsible for overseeing development of ... Read More

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