Creating Healthy Communities Roundtable

The LGBTQ and Planning Division of APA


Thursday, June 15, 2017
noon - 4 p.m. CDT

White Plains, NY, United States

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The roundtable is an APA Planners4Health related event and will be professionally relevant for planners as it will provide a unique opportunity to engage with healthy community stakeholders and professionals. The roundtable will also provide a forum for cross-sector conversations and opportunities to learn from case study projects.

The planning related training objective is to explore and connect the New York Metro region’s intersections of health and planning and to lay the foundation for creating a tool kit for local decision makers to enable them to create healthier communities for all. 

The roundtable’s specific training objective is to facilitate conversations and encourage learning among public health and planning professionals regarding how our built environment, the natural world, municipal planning and zoning, and other factors, affects community health and vice versa.

The event will meet these objectives through the following:

1. Introduction to the Planners4Health initiative and the importance for Diversity Considerations by Tracey Corbitt, AICP, Chair of LGBTQ and Planning Division and Gina D'Agrosa, AICP, NY Metro Chapter Executive Committee.

2. Status of Health in Our Region, Mandu Sen, Senior Planner, RPA. Ms. Sen will present the state of the New York metropolitan region’s health as well as its urban systems that influence health outcomes. She will report on the analysis of health outcomes in the region with their potential causes and associated factors by reviewing key systems in the region through the lens of health determinants. 

3. NYS Prevention Agenda and Health Across All Policies, Sylvia Pirani, Title, New York State Department of Health. Ms. Pirani will discuss NYS intitiave to incorporate public health in all policies.  The NYS Prevention Agenda is the blueprint for state and local action to improve the health of New Yorkers in five priority areas and to reduce health disparities for racial, ethnic, disability, socioeconomic and other groups who experience them.

4. Cross sector panel discussion with representatives from APA member speaking about food policies, AIA member speaking about the NYCEDC Sea View Healthy Community on Staten Island, ASLA member speaking about design of parks using public heath outcomes in mind, NYSPHA member (New York State Public Health Association) speaking about county health initiatives, and Open Door Family Medical provider speaking about healthy communities targetting minority and underserved populations: Gina D’Agrosa, AICP, Moderator. Each speaker will discuss the health initiatives of their professional affiliations that contribute to creating a healthy community.

5. Roundtable breakouts to discuss:

What is most import to creating a healthy community? 

What are your individual healthy community initiatives?

What are the opportunities and constraints of working collaboratively?

How can we work on or build upon to create healthier communities? 

6. Roundtable reporting of conclusions. 


Attendees will learn about the components of a healthy community -- where people work together to improve the social and physical environment to achieve health for all and:

  • strives to improve the physical and mental health of its residents
  • embraces diversity, connects people and resources
  • works for health equity and eliminating disparities
  • offers a safe and nurturing environment for everyone to thrive
  • is designed and built to improve the quality of life for all people
  • provides accessible and affordable transportation, housing, healthcare services, nutritious food and physical activity opportunities

The roundtable will be a resource for the Planners4Health Task Force, a multi-sector collaboration, to create tools to foster the creation of healthier communities in the NY Metro region.





Gina D'Agrosa, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Gina is a professional planner with over 25 years experience in municipal and environmental planning including capital budgets, grant management, water supply, water quality, SEQR, NEPA, and natural resources management. She has provided leadership, administration and technical assistance to county boards and committees, local governments, non-profit organizations and regional & environmental ... Read More

Ben Kerrick

Confirmed Speaker

Ben Kerrick is a Consultant at Karen Karp & Partners (KK&P), a food systems consulting firm that works at the intersection of food, agriculture, and health. Ben’s work at KK&P includes community engagement, placemaking, food system mapping, data visualization, program and event design, and research and analysis. In ... Read More

Mary Hegarty

Confirmed Speaker

Mary Hegarty, MPS, is the Project Manager for the Planners4Health NY Metro Project. She is also an Adjunct Professor teaching Environmental Science at Westchester Community College and a Grant Writer specializing in natural resource management, watershed planning and stormwater grants. Prior to joining Planners4Health, she worked for Rockland County’s ... Read More

Bianca Shulaker

Confirmed Speaker

Bianca Shulaker is the Federal Grants Program Manager at The Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit that works to create parks and protect land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Previously, Shulaker worked with The Trust for Public Land’s Planning, Research, and Evaluation team ... Read More

Patricia Schnabel Ruppert

Confirmed Speaker

Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, DO, MPH, CPE, DABFM, FAAFP is the Health Commissioner of Rockland County, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and a Distinguished Visiting Professor in Epidemiology and Community Medicine, New York Medical College, in addition to being a Fellows Ambassador at the New York ... Read More

Sylvia Pirani

Confirmed Speaker

NYS Department of Health

Mandu Sen

Confirmed Speaker

Mandu Sen is a program manager at Regional Plan Association, working primarily on the Fourth Regional Plan. She focuses on how long term planning can improve health and equity and works to translate the impact of digital technologies into policies around infrastructure and governance. Read More

Munro Johnson

Confirmed Speaker

Munro W. Johnson, AICP, is a vice president in the development department of the New York City Economic Development Corporation where he focuses on a range of projects in the City’s “forgotten borough” of Staten Island. Previously, he worked for the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency in Southwestern Connecticut where he ... Read More

Lindsay Farrell

Confirmed Speaker

Lindsay C. Farrell, MBA, FACMPE, President and CEO Ms. Farrell has dedicated her professional life to high quality community-based care, efficient care delivery and population health management to assure a more equitable healthcare system for us all. Home-grown at Open Door where she originally served as a volunteer, Ms. Farrell ... Read More

Tracey Corbitt, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Ms. Corbitt is a professional planner with over 29 years experience in municipal, regional and environmental planning including land use, comprehensive planning, site planning, zoning, grant management, watershed and natural resources management, GIS and 3D visualization. She has provided leadership, administration and technical assistance to county boards and committees, local ... Read More

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