Vermont Smart Growth Summit

APA Northern New England Chapter


Friday, June 16, 2017
9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. EDT

Burlington, VT, United States

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Based on real-world challenges and successes, this half day Summit will focus on achievable strategies to implement smart growth solutions. Workshops include:


Taking Stock - Where We Have Been & Where We Are Going

Towns across Vermont are facing a wide range of intricate challenges and opportunities – from housing and transportation needs of a changing demographic to financing development while avoiding sprawl and valuing our natural resources.  Presenters will frame Smart Growth principles and benefits, highlighting Vermont’s accomplishments, the changing rural economy and the new reality for development.

Keynote – John Anderson from Incremental Development Alliance

IDA’s focus is on a real estate model where local people can invest in their own neighborhoods and in that process, create new life and value that benefits their communities. We need more neighborhood-based small developers creating buildings that can adapt in times of trouble. Scale makes all the difference, and Anderson will provide insights about how to make small scale development work.

Small Group Discussions - Experts Explore Smart Growth Solutions

How do VT communities apply smart growth to meet their needs? Experts who have been involved with smart growth development in Vermont share the ‘why’ about being drawn downtown, and ‘how’ their vision has been executed. Each expert will address key smart growth issues like transportation, community support, zoning, business competition, public health, sprawl, and issues of equity. These small group discussions will be led by experienced practitioners, and facilitated by experienced planners and other professionals, to ensure that these conversations are focused, useful, and productive.

Closing Remarks – Envisioning Smart Growth in a New Way:  Brian Shupe, VNRC     




Claire Tebbs

Claire Tebbs Claire owes her appreciation for well designed, walkable towns from growing up in Yeovil, England, within a 5 minute walk to her school, community parks and the candy store. After studying landscape architecture and planning at the University of British Columbia, she worked for the Design Centre for ... Read More

Brian Tarrant

Brian Tarrant, MyWebGrocer Born and raised in Burlington, VT, Brian spent his early years focused on athletics, culminating in a 4 year basketball career at the University of Vermont and a degree in Business Administration. A serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years, Brian has founded, operated and invested in ... Read More

Rebecca Sanborn Stone

Rebecca Sanborn Stone, Principal, Community Workshop Rebecca Sanborn Stone is a community planner, strategist, writer and speaker who is passionate about helping people create great communities. She is a Principal at the Vermont consulting firm Community Workshop, which specializes in bringing creative engagement, planning, placemaking, and effective communications to towns ... Read More

Miranda Lescaze

Miranda Lescaze, Developer, Cathedral Square Corporation Miranda Lescaze is a real estate developer for the affordable housing nonprofit Cathedral Square. Miranda is interested in community development, and has over fifteen years’ experience working for community‐based nonprofits. At Cathedral Square she leads affordable housing development projects from inception through permitting ... Read More

Peter Lazorchak

Peter Lazorchak, Vice President and Director of Vermont Operations, Wilcox and Barton Peter is a civil and environmental engineer with nearly 20 years in the consulting industry. He maintains expertise in stormwater management, onsite wastewater disposal, site design and land use planning. He strives to provide solutions to his clients ... Read More

Bill Colvin

Bill Colvin, Assistant Director, Bennington County Regional Commission Bill Colvin is the assistant director of the Bennington County Regional Commission and the director of that organization’s Sustainable Community Development Program. He also serves as the acting director of the Bennington County Industrial Corporation. Bill has worked in the community ... Read More

Joe Buley

Joe Buley, Owner, Joe’s Kitchen Joe Buley attended culinary school in France, then cooked and managed kitchens for 20 years. When he and his family moved to Vermont in 1999, he began learning to grow food, starting with one small hoophouse. As the farm grew and Joe connected with ... Read More

Brian Shupe

Brian Shupe is Executive Director of the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC). Brian had previously served as Sustainable Communities Director and Deputy Director at VNRC. Brian has over twenty years of professional planning experience. He began his career in Florida, where he received an M.S, in Urban and Regional ... Read More

Eric Farrell

Eric F. Farrell, Owner, Farrell Real Estate A self-described “real estate junkie”, Eric has worked in residential and commercial real estate development, property management and brokerage throughout his 45-year career. He operates under the name Farrell Real Estate and is the managing partner of several residential rental properties he has ... Read More

Paul Dreher

Paul Dreher Paul Dreher a co-owner of the Newport Ciderhouse Restaurant, coffee-shop and investor in the NEK Tasking Center. Additionally, he is the principle and founder of Dreher Design Group, a design studio that specializes in Form Based Code (FBC) consulting, land use planning, technical advising/assistance, code illustrating, land-use ... Read More

Michael DeSanto

Michael DeSanto Michael DeSanto has enjoyed a rich and varied life. Including service in the U.S.Army, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Theater, working as an actor, and a career as a government affairs manager and lobbyist before ending up as a bookstore owner in Vermont in ... Read More

Katie Buckley

Katie Buckley, Commissioner of Housing and Community Development with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development for the State of Vermont Katie Buckley is the Commissioner of Housing and Community Development with the Agency of Commerce and Community Development for the State of Vermont. Katie has served in a variety ... Read More

Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry, Owner, Blossom Block, Bethel Kevin Barry is a builder, developer, and entrepreneur specializing in everything he's never done before. He is particularly interested in designing accessible multi-use space for all ages and his buildings often highlight Vermont's natural beauty. He is currently restoring a historic building ... Read More

John Anderson

R. John Anderson, CNU is a co-founder and principal for Anderson|Kim Architecture + Urban Design. He has a very diverse experience beginning with a practical foundation in the construction trades, advancing through design and development practice in public and private roles. With over thirty years of experience in the field ... Read More

Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson, Professor, Middlebury College Peter Nelson is a Professor of Geography at Middlebury College. He joined the faculty in 1999 and teaches courses on population issues, the global economy and the rural United States. His current research funding NSF focuses on migration to rural communities and rural gentrification. He ... Read More

Noelle MacKay

Noelle MacKay, Director, Community & Economic Development Office, City of Burlington Noelle MacKay works for the City of Burlington as the Director of the Community and Economic Development Office. As well as managing staff and moving major projects forward, she works to encourage fair and equitable development and promote the City as a place to start and build a business. Before CEDO, she served over five years as the Commissioner of Housing and Community Development for the State of Vermont. At DHCD, she led community and economic development recovery efforts after Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont; worked to restructure and stabilize staffing to enhance customer service and communication; collaborated with policy and funding partners to increase program impact; and directed efforts to update the state's smart growth designation programs and land use regulations. Noelle received a B.S. in biology ... Read More

Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy, AICP Sustainable Communities Program Director, Vermont Natural Resources Council Kate McCarthy is the Sustainable Communities Program Director at the Vermont Natural Resources Council, an environmental nonprofit that’s been working for over 50 years to keep Vermont’s environment and communities vibrant. Her work at the Vermont Natural ... Read More

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