Trees: The Original Green Infrastructure- and How Urban Tree Canopy can be incorporated into Stormwater Management Programs, Goals and Ordinances

APA South Carolina Chapter


Friday, August 4, 2017
1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

CM | 1.50

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Communities everywhere are recognizing a greater value in how trees serve their areas well beyond beautification. This webinar will focus on trees as green infrastructure and will briefly take the viewer through the many benefits of urban tree canopy and how small investments in planning for, planting and maintaining trees can lead to impactful rewards. A majority of the webinar will then explore a few different green infrastructure planning case studies in South Carolina and Virginia. The case studies will range from projects already complete and well into successful implementation plans and adopting new codes, all the way to a project currently in process that is also grappling with sea level rise.

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Frances Waite

Confirmed Speaker

Frances Waite is a Coastal Region Urban Forester with the South Carolina Forestry Commission. Frances has a master’s degree in forestry from Clemson University. She has worked for the Forestry Commission for 20 years in urban forestry and forest management. She is a certified arborist and certified tree risk ... Read More

Katie Mckain, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Katie McKain, AICP, is a Senior Planner for the City of Charleston’s Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability. Katie has been with the City for nearly 4 years and is a project manager for a host of sustainability projects including Charleston’s technical assistance award “Trees to Offset Water ... Read More

Karen Firehock

Ms. Firehock is the GIC Director and co-founded the center in 2006. She oversees green infrastructure planning and research projects across the U.S. She is an environmental planner with more than 30 years of experience in planning and natural resources management. She is also an adjunct lecturer in green ... Read More

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