Into the Wild(lands): A Wildland Firefighter's Perspective on Planned Growth

APA California, Central Section


Saturday, August 26, 2017
9:30 a.m. - noon PDT

Lake Sequoia, CA, United States

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Into the Wild(lands):  A Wildland Firefighter's Perspective on Planned Growth


The Art of Planning touches many disciplines, land forms, and resources, which requires planners to reach out to other service providers and disciplines.  On example is the "urban/wildland interface."  As residential neighborhoods build into the wildlands, planners and wildland firefighters have cooperated on an unprecedented scale to define the nature of the urban/forest interface and develop a new paradigm that balances the aspirations of homeowners with the operational requirements of firefighters.

The Sierra Planners' Retreat Professional Development session presents a unique and hads-on examination of CalFire's vegetation Management Program to be led by CAL FIRE Protection and Planning Division Chief Jim McDougald.  Chief McDougald will preent Fresno-Kings Unit's vegetation management plans and describe how they are influenced by planned development.  He will also recount CAL FIRE's lessons from the 2015 Rough Fire, which burned 151,623 acres and nearly reached Sequoia Lake.  The essio will move into the field with a tour of the dead tree removal program conducted by the YMCA on the Sequoia Lake property.

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Jim McDougald

Invited Speaker

Assistant Chief, CAL FIRE/Fresno County Fire Protection District, 23 years of experience. Responsible for Protection Planning, Resource Management, Pre-Fire and Law Enforcement. Started with CAL FIRE as a Fire Fighter in 1994, in 2010 I worked as the Southern Region Pre-Fire engineer where I worked with assisting the Southern ... Read More

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