AECOM Bus Rapid Transit Project Experience in Planning and Design: Focus on Gulf/Southwest Experience

AECOM - Planning and Design


Wednesday, August 23, 2017
1 p.m. - 2 p.m. CDT

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This webinar will include three panel presenters discussing the specifics of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) including planning, design, and implementation.  AICP members will learn what BRT is, where it has best applicability, and what considerations are given in the planning and design process.  Implementation will also be covered as well as fare collection system (on board or off board).  Traffic studies will be discussed in the context of BRT planning and design.  The specific projects covered will include those in Cleveland, Provo-Orem, and El Paso.  In addition, studies currently underway in Arizona, Utah, and Texas will be covered.  The webinar will offer a wide range of opportunities to learn about BRT with both the basics and case studies from both the planning and engineering standpoint.  


Jimi Jones


Lori Labrum

Lori is a senior transit/transportation engineer with 28 years of multi-faceted engineering and planning experience. She has experience in both the public and private sectors and has a long and successful record providing professional consulting services to a variety of departments of transportation and transit agencies in the west ... Read More

Don Yuratovac

Mr. Yuratovac is a public transit professional with over 40 years’ experience in operations management, marketing, planning, product development, financing, and major project development. His experience includes working with a major urban transit operator that served over 75 million passengers annually with a fleet of 108 rail vehicles and 800 ... Read More

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