Planning for Sign Code Success - Sign Research Foundation and the International Sign Association

APA Connecticut Chapter


Friday, September 29, 2017
10:37 a.m. - 10:37 a.m. EDT

Hartford, CT, United States

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Coming up with reasonable and enforceable sign codes can often be a complex and controversial process. With so many community

stakeholders caring about sign codes, it is important to get the most accurate, up-to-date information and expertise as possible. The

seminar will present modules that educate experienced land use planners on the technology within signs, sign code issues, understanding

electronic message centers, and the importance of signs to business. In light of the new challenges imposed by the recent Supreme

Court Reed ruling, attendees will be presented with important interim and permanent policy changes to bring municipal ordinances into

compliance with the Court’s new precedents. Attendees will learn the latest technologies, controls, impacts and regulatory issues involved

with on-premise signs. They will learn how sign construction and design is affected by building and electric codes, as well as energy

efficiency and lighting science concerns. Attendees will be instructed in the technologies involved in electronic message centers and ways

to control their use. Attendees will understand the impacts of well-designed signage on local small business. Finally, participants will be


provided with resources available in model on-premise sign codes.


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James Carpentier

James Carpentier is currently the State and local Government Affairs Manager with the International Sign Association. In this capacity James works with and educates local officials and planners in the creation of reasonable and effective sign codes. Prior to that James was the owner of Carpentier Consulting LLC where he ... Read More

Deacon Wardlow

Deacon Wardlow is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) with specializations and certifications in computing, network security, and systems analysis. He is currently a Special Ops Director of Spectacular Media – a dynamic digital signage cloudware control and content creation/management platform for LED signs and interior Digital Signage solutions. In ... Read More

Mike Lauretano

Mike Lauretano, Sr - Lauretano Sign Group (Terryville, CT) (Note: Mike delivered an earlier version of this presentation at 2014 certified planner seminar in Farmington, CT) Mike Lauretano, Sr is the owner and Chairman of Lauretano Sign Group, a third generation, Connecticut based manufacturer of sign programs for National and Regional ... Read More

Kenny Peskin

Kenny Peskin – International Sign Association (Note: Kenny has spoken at 19 CM-approved certified planner events, including a 2014 seminar in Farmington, CT) Kenny Peskin is the Director of Industry Programs for the International Sign Association. Kenny helps represent the on-premises sign industry in developing technical standards and responding to code ... Read More

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