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APA Florida Chapter, Suncoast Section


Wednesday, September 20, 2017
noon - 1 p.m. EDT

Tampa, FL, United States

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This course will review academic research, basic applications, notable projects and storm water mitigation potential for urban trees, with a focus on suspended pavement systems.  The primary installation discussed will be redevelopment of the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach

Suspended pavement makes two very important functions possible in urban settings: urban tree growth and on-site stormwater management. At the Lincoln Road Mall, the city of Miami Beach has committed to large volumes of loamy soils beneath pavement to benefit trees and stormwater.  The mitigation value of the site will be evaluated and modeled on research data from North Carolina State University

The integration of green utilities like soil, trees and water into our urban areas substantially improves their design sustainability and helps alleviate some of our most pressing ecological challenges – including air and water quality, rising temperatures, and flooding and erosion from daily rainfall events.

Primary learning objectives for the presentation

1) Upon completion, participants will understand the mechanisms through which tree/soil systems provide stormwater benefits.

2) Upon completion, participants will be familiar with some of the most cutting edge policy developments to encourage tree/soil systems for stormwater management.

3) Upon completion, participants will know results of the latest research that has quantified stormwater benefits of tree/soil systems


4) Upon completion, participants will have an understanding of how tree/soil systems can be integrated into landscapes of various scales to maximize ecological services.

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Al Key

Mr. Key has been involved in the green industry for 24 years as an owner of DeepRoot Green Infrastructure, LLC. As Vice President he has been instrumental on projects such as the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC, Celebration FL, South Temple Square (Salt Lake City), The LINQ Promenade ... Read More

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