Coastal Law in Louisiana

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Thursday, March 1, 2018, 8 a.m.
Friday, March 2, 2018, 5 p.m. CST

New Orleans, LA, United States

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It is often said, accurately, that Louisiana has a “working coast” where energy, fishing, and other commercial and recreational interests intersect each other and coastal protection, environmental, and similar efforts. The competing interests and needs of those living and working in the coastal area, and those affected by the use and restoration of the coastal area, have frequently led to conflicts among coastal user groups, regulatory limitations on uses of the coastal area, and coastal programs and projects that are crucial to many but problematic for others. This complex interrelationship creates challenges and opportunities for Louisiana attorneys representing clients who must navigate these conflicts and the overlapping requirements, responsibilities, and risks resulting from the ongoing efforts to balance these interests and needs.  The environment itself adds to the complexity, as coastal erosion and subsidence continuously alter the landscape, creating new challenges and grounds for dispute. 


This program will present a wide-ranging variety of the legal issues encountered by coastal users, regulators, and special interest groups. Historical perspectives and recent developments in coastal law will be covered, along with specific issues confronting many Louisiana residents regarding the coastal area, including the Coastal Master Plan, coastal use permitting, water bottom ownership, oyster-related issues, and levee-related issues. Presenters include governmental staff and attorneys responsible for implementing Louisiana’s coastal programs, as well as prominent private attorneys engaged in coastal law and related matters. Please join us as we consider the issues related to coastal law that confront many Louisiana residents.


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Lawrence E. Marino

Lawrence E. Marino, a partner at Oats & Marino APPC, counsels public and private clients regarding property rights, environmental, and regulatory matters, as well as expropriation and civil litigation. He represents the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, and other state and local agencies ... Read More

Amanda M. Carr

Amanda M. Carr is a partner at Plauché & Carr LLP in Seattle. She counsels public and private clients on environmental, natural resource and land use matters. She assists clients with strategic planning, project permitting, regulatory compliance, natural resource damage assessments, and enforcement actions under a wide variety of federal, state ... Read More

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